Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not Enough Photos

There have just NOT been enough photos on my blog lately so this is a photo post with NO common theme! For those of you who are "constant readers" (or Stephen King fans and understand that phrase), it's time for some of those "Happy Photos" I talk about. I get to see some of the cutest, funniest and most unusual stuff during my work days. Some of these might have been on the blog before, but they continue to make ME smile. Hopefully, they will you as well. Enjoy!
Check out the claw length on this guy. He looks like an old soul to me.

Good advice, eh?
Another political bumper sticker. They are ALL funny to me!

Beauty and the beast -- my dog and cat, Bear and Punch - you can figure which one is which!

Dog swimming in pool. FUNNY!

Take out.
Something struck this dog as humorous -- probably me!

No words needed -- obviously they were having a, um, problem.

How beautiful -- there was an entire field of these!

Stuart lived at one of the houses I inspected. Why was his name Stuart? Because he was Little!

Stuart posing.

Soooo me!!
Nothing better than puppy tongues!
I inspect for Geico. This was at someone's house that I was inspecting. The irony was too much to pass up -- the Geico Gecko!

Cat sitting in window of a house I inspected

A bumper sticker that I found amusing. Keep in mind I find ALL political bumper stickers amusing and will give equal laugh time to all parties!

Silly Joshua

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Anonymous said...

You need to look harder for bumper stickers that poke fun at liberals. There must be some out there! I'll look too!