Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wanted - A Replacement for me ...

Ok, so I'm looking for someone who wants to come in, clean up my life for the next few weeks and then I can, hopefully manage it for a while.

Here's what you will be responsible for doing over the next few weeks:

  1. Finish my dossier. It needs to still be taken to Lisa's house for final notarization, taken to three different county offices for authentication and then to the State for Authentication. Copies need to be made of all the documents for my files and then it needs to be mailed to Adoption Options. This needs to occur immediately.
  2. Research cause and find cure for my cat, Punch's, recent limp. Her front paw is a bit inflammed. Please research and let me know if it will kill her to continue to limp for a few days and if Neosporin is poisonous for cats. You could take her to the vet -- if you have time. This needs to occur immediately.
  3. Clean and photograph the last two rooms (Ellie's and our bedrooms) for the dossier. This needs to be done immediately.
  4. Stencil the remaining verse on Ellie's wall. This, of course, needs to be done immediately in order to finish #3.
  5. Oh, and yes, find a curtain and lampshade for her room -- this does NOT have to be done immediately. Tomorrow will be fine.
  6. Move everything out of the garage office with Kevin on Saturday so he can work on the floor. After he finishes on Saturday, move it all back.
  7. One word: LAUNDRY -- Yes, immediately.
  8. Go to bank and make deposits -- immediately.
  9. Go to medical clinic and start Hepatitis shots. Be SURE to get that done before I take back over. *smile*
  10. Gather documents for and complete 2007 taxes. Immediately, nah, it can wait a day or two.
  11. Complete Bible study materials for tomorrow night's class.
  12. Go to Bowling Green, KY and complete past due inspections (as a favor for company so you can stay on the good side and to earn some extra $). Yes, immediately.
  13. Complete the 88 inspections that are currently coming due. This should only take a week, but really, you should get on it.
  14. Go visit my grandmother in the nursing home. Plan to stay a while because that's what I promised I'd do next time I came.
  15. Call and cancel Joshua's tonsillectomy. Be sure to spend the amount of time required to let them know that he has just gotten over strep and the flu and now seems to have a sinus infection. Remind them that his immune system is tired and can't quite do a surgery now. Re-schedule for summer. This should have been done yesterday.
  16. Could you back-up my computer before it crashes losing everything? If you'll just take it to my mom's house, she has a system to back it up. While you are there, she has some computer work that she needs you to handle. Yes, immediately, please.
  17. Meet the telephone repair man tomorrow who can hopefully tell you why you haven't been able to hear anyone on your home phone for months. He will be at the house between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. You'll need to be there. :-)
  18. Mail gift to friend in Texas.
  19. Mail off camera that is not taking clear photos. It needs to be packed well, shipped with insurance the form needs to be filled out.
  20. Balance checkbook and pay bills -- should be done daily.
  21. Cook and vacuum -- daily.
  22. Catch up the blog entries and read all my past due email, delete non-relevant email and clean up deleted files.
  23. Coordinate upcoming four fundraisers for adoption. Plan what to sell at upcoming concessions stands, coordinate volunteers, make signs and buy food. Gather items for yard sale (once you find a place to PUT it and set a date to have it). Determine date for donut sale.
  24. Finalize and send off grant application. This should have been done last month so if you can do time travel, that would be great.
  25. Diet for me too, if you will -- that seems to not be working so well with me doing it so maybe you'll have more luck.

I think, if you could just get that much done and back on track, I'd be able to handle the rest.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

What a list! Why do you have 3 different counties to get certified in? You are making it too hard! I work right next to the county clerk in Gallatin once a week, so if any are Sumner, let me know if I can help with that. I have the number to call ahead for Davidson Co and they will have them ready for you when you get there (just have to be stapled on). That might save you a little time.

Khakismum said...

Oh Maria, you list makes mine seem petty and paltry in comparison. You are trying to save a child and give them a better life, I'm just trying to educate mine! LOL
Good luck. If I figure out how to stop or turn back time or clone myself, I'll let you know!!!

Allison said...

I'm exhausted just reading that list! If you find somebody to take over for a while, will you let me know and I'll hire them next!