Monday, March 31, 2008


Yes, what I suspected was confirmed with a chest x-ray today. I have pneumonia. It is early stage (man, I'd hate to see late stage) and so I'm assigned to the bed for three days with no work, a new strong antibiotic and to continue on with Mucinex, Motrin, Advil and that really nifty cough syrup. Man, that stuff puts me in a FOG!!!! It's crazy. The chest x-ray was a comedy of errors. I called dr's office (she has two) that was close to me. They said I could come there in the afternoon or into town this morning. Knowing that the "in town" location had an x-ray machine in office, I opted to go there. So here I am (feeling pretty funky since it's the first time I've been out since last Thursday) puttering along when my phone rings. It's the doctor's office telling me, "Ooops, the x-ray machine is broken here. We tried to reach you at home but your hubby said you'd already left." *sigh* So I return home and lay on the couch only to be called a little while later for them to say, "Can you drive to the other office's x-ray location and get an x-ray now (11:00) and then come back here at 3:00? Sure, I have nothing better to do. The saving grace of it all is that she was able to have the results there to look at before treating me and the x-ray tech was very nice and very quick!!

I'd like to type more, but I feel a nap calling. Josh and Dad are at baseball practice so this really seems to be a good time. It is also the first time I haven't coughed so hard that I thought my ribs were coming out (that good old cough syrup, I'm sure!!). I think the next worse thing about pneumonia are the full body sweats where you feel like you're melting into a puddle. Man, is this what hot flashes feel like?? Whew!!!

So, thanks to all of you who have called, emailed and commented. I'll fight this a little while longer, but I'm definitely on the right track now.


Kelli said...

I hope you are on the final road to recovery!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Goodness, sorry to hear that you are still sick. I've been away from the computer for the weekend and missed so much! Congrats on moving up the list.

Hilary Marquis said...

You stay in bed, Missy! Hey, milk it a little bit while you're at's deserve a sick day now and then too :)