Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! He's Alive!

My favorite Easter song is called, "He's Alive." I was SO excited this morning when it was sung during a drama presentation at church. And what better phrase to capture the essence of the day that celebrates the resurrection (coming back to life) of Jesus Christ? Church was lovely as both sets of parents were with us and the choir/drama group finished their production that ended Friday night with Jesus on the cross.

I'd like to say it was a perfect day but as I sit here updating the blog I have a SPLITTING headache that has plagued me now for three or four days. It is sinus, of that I am sure, but I've been too busy to be bogged down by sinus medicines so I've just endured knowing that if I could just make it to tonight I could "dope up" and take some decongestant and a Tylenol PM and sleep. As luck would have it, it's 10:00 and I still need to make a schedule for work tomorrow. Ha! to me.

It was a nice day in that my parents and Kevin's mom came over to eat Easter lunch. Now, I really LOVE holidays where I get to cook. I'm meticulous about planning ahead and having everything looking just right and having just the right things for the table -- blah, blah, blah. This year -- I was glad they had a chair to sit in and food to eat -- that's how tired I was and how bad I felt. Cloth napkins? Ha, be glad we have paper. Matching glasses? Ha! Be glad they are clean. Clean house? Double ha!! No time in the midst of remodeling a room, storing things for a garage sale and bringing home the "leftovers" from the lunch fundraiser yesterday. In reality -- everyone ate too much, seemed to have a good time and didn't care for squat if it was paper or cloth, matching or not matching or if the house was spotless (except me, just a little).

Josh informed me last night as he saw the small baskets I had with little bags of candy in them for the parents, Kevin and I (as table ornaments -- yeah, there was a little OCD still happening), that I didn't get him anything. I explained that the Easter Bunny would bring him a basket. (There's a post -- how to have "EB" co-exist successfully in a Christ-centered holiday -- it CAN be done, folks, without compromising the spirit of the holiday). He said he knew THAT (duh!) but that I always got him something too. *sigh* Another late-night Wal-mart guilt trip where I bought him some shampoo, bubble bath and some plastic eggs to fill for a "one-man-show" Easter egg hunt today. Who would have thought that a ten-year-old would still want to hunt eggs? If you could have seen the wistful longing of him watching the neighbor's have an egg hunt for their grandchildren yesterday, you would have done the same thing. My dad got the thrill of helping me hide eggs. As I watched him I thought of all the years he hid those eggs for me. I was so happy he could now hide them for his grandson. However, I DO think we are still missing two eggs. I'm sure they'll turn up at the first mowing of the yard!
As we sat at lunch today we discussed how our lives will be different this time next year with the addition of a high chair at the lunch table and a little one to hunt eggs (assuming she'll be walking by then). Poor Joshua's world is going to be rocked! I found it fun to read LANDLIFE today where this is the first Easter that Reed has been home with them. Reed's dad reflected back to his post from last Easter when they were waiting for Reed to come home. After looking back, it was amazing to see the difference a year can make. I also read about Anara's first Easter home over at A Leap of Faith and it gave me the perspective of a Kryg princess' Easter along with AP over at Holding on For the Ride. HOW BEAUTIFUL these girls were today!!

Here are some highlight photos I compiled into a montage of the day (sorry Mom, I just used this for the first time tonight and couldn't figure how to fix the pix of you and Josh -- I'll email them to you!). Josh was in RARE form today and every photo I managed to take of him, he was acting silly. Ahh... for the love of my boy. Double click the Green Triangle in the middle to play!

Happy Easter!


Allison said...

I, too, am fighting some sinus stuff. Hope you are feeling better today!
I think it is so great that Josh still wants to do Easter egg hunts, etc. I pray that my boys will enjoy their childhood as long as possible.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Josh looks like he had a lot of fun! Hope you feel better today. Congrats on the dossier finally being done, that's a load off, I'm sure.