Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Official -- I have FUNKYMUNKYITIS

Having had a horrible night in which I really thought I was going to die (ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but ...), I determined that I had WAY too many other symptoms to just have bronchitis. I had a fever that wouldn't break, some, er, gastrointestinal issues, a chronic cough, sore throat, sweats and just horrible fatigue.

So, I went back to the doctor this morning ony to be told that I don't have bronchitis but some type of viral infection (he told me that name, I didn't pay attention) that, surprisingly enough, has all the same symptoms I'm experiencing. He told me I could stop the antibiotics, which were probably exacerbating my gastrointestinal issues (by the way, why do boys think these types of things are hilarious??? Joshua has laughed and laughed at my "symptoms"), gave me yet another cough medicine and told me to continue to take the cough pills but to double up on the and add mucinex to thin up the "gunk". He says I'm on the "downhill slide". I'm hoping it's not into a grave -- haha!!

So... in a few days, hopefully, I'll be back to "normal" -- whatever THAT is!!

On the adoption front, our agency got some referrals yesterday but they were boys (as far as I've heard anyway). I'm hoping there were girls too and I've just not heard. That could move us up a few spots. We'll see. I'm really hoping for summer travel, though, because of school being out. We are really close to having enough $$ to fund Trip 1. After the next concession stand event (next weekend) and with our tax rebate/stimulus check, we will be within $1,000 of having enough for Trip 1. If we can get that yard sale planned and executed, that might take care of Trip 1. The families who got their referrals yesterday will travel April 6. That's 10 days' notice, which is all we will have as well. Upon return, we will have 6 weeks to raise an additional $6,000 for Trip 2. It will come; I'm sure of it. We are still waiting to hear from a grant and from The Abba Fund. Hopefully, one of those will come through. Where God guides, He provides.

And, on the camera front, I recently had to send my digital Canon EOS Rebel back to the factory as it is making poor quality photos. I'm hoping to have it back in 10 days or so -- repaired and back in the quality photo business, just in time for baseball season to start. Anyone interested in Joshua's baseball schedule can check out the blog we've set up for his team at Joelton Padres 2008.

And for those who are wondering what "funkymunkyitis" is - well, it just what I call The Crud.

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