Friday, March 28, 2008

We're Moving On Up

One of my favorite 70s shows when I was growing up was The Jeffersons. I can still sing the theme song, "Well, we're movin' on up, to the east side, to a de-luxe apartment in the sk-y-y-y.' Go ahead, take a moment to sing through it. We'll wait.

Well, the Lathams are not moving up to the east side or to a deluxe apartment, but as of today, we are moving up on our agency's adoption list. I know that two families received boy referrals (which won't affect us at all, but I'm still very happy for them!!) and that one family received a girl referral. I've yet to get confirmation that there is another girl referred, but I think there might be.

You ask where that put us on the list, and unfortunately, there is not a simple answer. There are a couple of families in front of me who are specific in the ethnicity they want their daughter to be. So.... if they don't accept the referrals (which, I assume will be offered to them each time there are referrals available no matter what ethnicity they are), then we are higher on the list. Basically we are somewhere between #2 and #5. Much depends on the decisions of other families. There are lots of ways the scenarios can play out, so I can't be more concrete. The one thing I'm certain of, and what I told my friend Susan today, God had our daughter picked out for us before time began. He knows who she is and when she will enter our family and there is nothing we can do to speed that process up. The way I feel today (still extreme yuck!!!), I'm really glad that I didn't get a referral today. It would be sad to be so sick and so contagious that I couldn't share the excitement!! What is has made me reallilze is that we have to get a "To Do" list going -- just in case. We will probably travel within 10 days of getting the referral and there are multiple details to work out.

I'm now looking at the calendar and thinking that there is a remote possibility that we will be in Kyrgyzstan for Mother's Day. I can't think of a more appropriate place to be after all this time. However, if I'm not, it will be fine as well because I'll be really really close!

To whine a bit more on my "funkymunkyitis", I'm now certain that the downhill slide Dr. H. was referring to was into my grave. I don't DO sick well (does anyone?). I've taken to my bed/couch. I don't feel like doing anything else. I've seen all the re-runs of Reba I think I can stand. My fever has not gone away since Tuesday, not matter what I take. I'm congested, have a horrible cough (which is only made better by the cough syrup that knocks me out), and my head and body hurt. I think I have the flu, but that's not what he said. Oh well... maybe tomorrow will be better.

Joshua got an Electronic Banker Monopoly game in his Easter basket and he's wanted to play since he got it, but I've been too sick. I was feeling so guity about it that I told him tonight we'd play. I was the "banker" while he and Kevin played. Didn't last long before I broke down. UGH!! We'll try again soon.

And, let me BRAG where it is due, I have had the MOST INCREDIBLE caregivers during my illness. Kevin and Joshua have gone now to buy groceries. One night, Kevin kept cool rags for me to try to help break my fever, and he continues to pull "single" parenting responsibilities throughout it all. He reminds me to take my medicine and lets me sleep while he tries to stay quiet and keep Josh quiet. He's gone to the store to get me Sprite and ice cream and is just generally taking very good care of me. What a great husband I have been blessed with!!! Josh, well, his favorite thing to do is look at me and go, "You sound AWFUL --- and you look awful too!!" :-) I'm sure I do.

Ellie, we are getting closer!!!

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Dee'Anna Midgett said...

I am sorry you are sick!! I was going to invite you to my scrapbooking weekend this week. But Michelle Davidson told me you were sick. I am starting to have them every month or every other month so I will let you know of the next one. I hope you get to feeling better.