Monday, March 3, 2008

Fingerprinting appointment letter has arrived

We got our letter from USCIS today indicating we now have an appointment to get our fingerprints done (again). I jokingly tell people they are just checking to see if we robbed the Piggly Wiggly in the last 18 months since we had them done last.

Our appointment is March 14 at 1:00. After that, the USCIS in Memphis is running 8 weeks to get out I171H forms. We have to have a copy of this document to Adoption Options, have it notarized, authenticated, translated and legalized before our dossier will be able to go to court. So, if we got a referral tomorrow we could not proceed with the court proceedings until that is done.

I've checked with two of the people in line in front of me on "the list". They have not heard from te agency yet as to referrals this week. In all honesty, that is not upsetting me right now. We still need time to finalize these last fundraisers, time to get one more grant application in the mail, and time to get that I171H form. So, technically, we are still #5. I know (technically speaking I know of them from online) the two people situated at #2 and #3 on the list. I think I know who #4 is (friend of #3). I have not been able to figure out #1 yet. :-) It's nice being able to correspond with those folks. I'm as excited for them as I can be!!

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