Sunday, March 30, 2008

Can you literally "cough up a lung?" and A Dream

Ok, so you nurse/doctor types, can you really cough up a lung? :-) Of course, I know you can't but I'm almost certain mine have flipped up into my throat a couple of times the last few days. I want to think I'm getting better -- HA -- but I just don't think so. I rotate between periods of full body, teeth chattering chills with a fever to be replaced (after 2 Motrin and 2 Tylenol) with full body sweats that last for several hours. Intersperse this with coughing while holding my head so it won't explode and you get the picture. I haven't had anything this bad in a long time. I didn't wake up until 11:30 today and then slept again until 1:30. The cough medicine makes me crazy-headed/dizzy/spacey but doesn't often fully alleviate the cough. I have a newly found appreciation for those folks who have bladder control issues. I'm drinking so much more than normal and coughing so hard ... well, you get the idea. *sigh*

So, sadly, I didn't make church today. I really like going to church and feel like my week just doesn't start off right if I don't. I wasn't able to teach my Beth Moore class this week. I sent the video materials in thinking they might want to go ahead and watch the video, but they opted to wait. This is a class that Satan has really attacked; we've had illnesses, bad weather, holidays, etc. so that a class that was 7 weeks has taken us almost twice that long. We will prevail though.

I had the most wonderful dream about Ellie last night. One of the most incredible side effects of the meds is that I dream all night long, but I dream that I'm awake and going about things. One night I made adoption fundraiser plans all night. When I got up, I wrote them all down and had some great ideas. Might as well get some work done while I sleep since I'm not doing much while I'm awake.

Anyway.... I saw her and my mom and me and we had just met someone and my mom said, "You haven't met Ellie yet, have you?" and Ellie, who was just toddling around, stuck her hand up to the person. She was dressed in yellow capri type pants and had short, straight black hair with a a yellow headband. She and my mom were standing on the sidewalk at an intersection. All very perplexing. You folks who feel the need to interpret this, jump in on the comments and tell me what you think it means -- if anything. She was just so cute, had a round face with the most smooth complexion. Odd... she's been strangely absent in my dreams before now. I've thought many times, isn't it odd that I don't dream about her. The same was true with Joshua though. I didn't dream about him much and I thought I would. Maybe she's being born, or is close. God keep her safe until we can bring her home.


Dee'Anna Midgett said...

Girl!!! You might need to go back to the Doc. I am praying for you I hope you get better.

Johnda said...

In my opinion some dreams are a way God talks to you..Just my opinion. Short story for you about dreams after trying to get pregnant and many negative test..I prayed God tell me what is wrong, I was sick new job..couldn't work...THat night I had God tell me what's wrong..That night I had a dream..someone laid a baby in my arms..and said this is Samuel...
I woke up the next morning and knew I was pregnant went to the dr and yes I was pregnant...And believe it or not once I laid my eyes on my baby...that is the same face I seen in my dream...And yes his name is Samuel....


Johnda said...

oopps I hope you are feeling better!!!!