Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ellie's "School" work

Ellie is learning her ABCs in Preschool. Here are the first pages she brought home from "school" along with her first "craft" -- a musical toy that she LOVES.

I'm pleased to also report that she can accurately recognize her name, my name and Kevin's name in a list of names. She's still working on Josh's, but I think it's amazing that she can pick those names out. Go, Ellie!!

And just because she's so cute, here's a picture of her eating her snack before bed: sugar free pudding with sprinkles and a COOKIE.


And, an update on Josh. Remember those photos from earlier in the week where he was guarding a REALLY large kid? Well, that ended up costing him a trip to the doctor this week for pulled muscles in his chest and rib areas. Poor kid has been tanking up on Motrin this week in hopes it will heal quickly and he'll be able to play in Saturday's game.

No cute pictures of him this week because he does not want his picture made.

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