Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sort of Feels Like Stealing

Not a title you might think you'd be reading on my blog, is it?

I had two VERY satisfying shopping experiences today and just wanted to share so those of you who are trying to stay frugal (sounds better than cheap, doesn't it?) can file these away or use them yourself.

When Kroger last had their $10 mega event (buy 10 items, save $10 off or some such thing), their Gatorades were $.49. They were totally out when I went in to buy my 30 and so I got a raincheck to buy them at $.49 within the next 30 days. Today I was in the area and thought I'd run in and get them since football is in full swing and I think we are running low. I had two coupons for "Buy 10, get 5 free" and I had two Catalinas (they pop out of the coupon machine at the store when you buy certain foods) for $3/off and $2.50/off. Going in, I assumed I would be paying about $5 for those 30 Gatorades and I was just happy as punch. Well, Jeoffrey wasn't as happy to see me arrive. His first comment was (literally), "Cr*p, I hate rainchecks." Well, good to see you today too. Finally, after he figured how to ring them, he realized I had *gasp* coupons and had the audacity to say to me, "You should just keep these for when they aren't on sale." WHAT??? I simply said, "I don't want to keep them, I want to use them today while they are one sale because I never buy them if they aren't on sale. I stock up when I can get them cheaper." Apparently, that offended him because he said another lovely word and couldn't figure out how to ring them up. Finally, he just took off $10 and said, "There." Well, it was supposed to be $4.90 which I pointed out and he replied that each coupon was good for up to $5 and that's what he was ringing it up as. Ok. Final cost for 30 Gatorades????

Wait for it.


$.34. Yes, thirty-four cents. WHOOP WHOOP!! I literally felt badly. I would have added a candy bar or something but I knew that would send Jeoffrey into next week so I paid and left -- quickly before they changed their minds.

Then, today, on Facebook, I read about a deal where I could get inexpensive diapers/pull-ups. We have pretty much moved exclusively to pull-ups. They are easier all around and I'm hopeful those cute little Dora faces will encourage Ellie to go potty. Not working yet, but, maybe soon. Anyway, I digress.

Apparently, Amazon.com has a deal where if you sign up for Auto Ship, you get 30% off your diapers. Now, you can immediately cancel your auto-ship option after you order so that's not a big deal. You can COMBINE this offer with coupons that you can find in the August and September issues of Parent and Parenting magazines (you might have to be creative here -- ask your friends if they get the magazine, pick up a copy or two at the store, whatever). Tonight I managed to get a box of 68 Easy Ups (Pampers) for $2.68 SHIPPED TO MY HOME with 2 day shipping -- $2.68. I am going to try to get enough coupon codes to do it two more times (you have to use a different name each time) in order to get three boxes. I am hopeful this will finish us up. 204 Easy-ups for $8.04 makes them right at $.04 each. Diapers, I think, might be less expensive, but I haven't checked on those. Best thing, I don't even have to clip a coupon or leave my house. This deal ends August 31. Oh, and your local library might let you get the large orange coupon from the magazine -- just a thought -- I've read that some libraries allow that if you ask. Anyway, these SAME 204 Easy-ups would have cost me somewhere between $60-$80 if I had to buy them in the store -- even with coupons. I just saved $50 -- WHOO HOO!!!

And, I have been sorely disappointed that I couldn't find any Harris Teeter stores that had the "Princess Bites" that Ellie likes. These are the Disney princess gummy vitamins. They were BOGOF at $6.99/2 this week -- an awesome deal. AND I had a coupon. Tonight I happened to think of the raincheck blessing and I asked if I could get a raincheck. No problem they said. I can now get 4 of them when they get them back in stock.

A good day!


Mayme said...

I have to know which Kroger you go to. You are always having issues and I don't want to go there!

Lori said...

Oh Jeoffrey....just learn to deal, my friend!!!

Speaking of deals....yours ROCK. I am always in awe. I was excited yesterday when I used my Gymboree rewards 30% off code for several things...spent $100.75 and got $50 in Gymbucks, so figured that wasn't too bad for 15 Gymboree items that will probably consign easily for what I will actually have paid for them after the Gymbucks.

At least that's how I justified it to John!

Trying...I'm trying!