Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's FOOTBALL time in Tennessee.

No, I'm sorry; I am not a University of Tennessee football fan. Orange is not my color. I don't dislike them -- mainly, I just don't care.

The football to which I am referring is JOELTON VIKINGS FOOTBALL!!! Josh is starting his last year at Joelton this year as he will age out and begin playing middle school football next year. It is bittersweet, because some of my best memories of fall are of times spent with our good friends at Joelton Park playing Vikings football. I hate to see this era come to an end. However, in the mean time, we've got three months of really good times ahead of us -- watching our boys play to win.

We are calling this year the "Revenge Tour 2010" as our boys are after that notorious Super Bowl title again. They won it in 2008 and got their rings, didn't get there last year and really would love to go back and take the title this year. Coach Mike made t-shirts for the boys.

I still need to get a picture of Josh in his, but this is how Coach Mike's shirt looked after Saturday's scrimmages.

It was seriously hot out there.

The boys played two scrimmages Saturday and won both games. This was HUGE because one of the teams we have played in scrimmages for years and have never won against them. I was very proud of how well the team did, but especially how well Josh did. I think this will be a good year for him if he puts 100% into it.

Josh is #74 again this year -- "his" number.

Ellie had fun on the sidelines "working" the crowd to play with her!! She discovered a love for ice during this game too.

Looking forward to a fun, fun year!

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