Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Most days I don't even think about Ellie being adopted. Things like our recent trip to the dentist where the Asian family kept staring at Ellie and then me, sometimes make me "remember" that she is adopted, but most of the time it's just not a part of my thoughts any more than giving birth to Joshua is.

Today I got an email from my mom reminding me that on August 11, 2008, a judge in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan made official what God had ordained before the beginning of time: that Ellie was our daughter.

Can it really have been two years? I went back to my blog and was reading some of the posts from that time. I had to stop because it made me cry (but then it seems everything makes me cry these days!). It was such a long, hard wait to get to her. Every day seemed like an eternity. Now, on this side, every day seems to fly by. She has made our family better by being in it, of that we are certain. She is funny, happy and kind. She loves each of us so much and loves the dogs and cats and her church and her toys and Barney and Dora, singing, coloring, dancing, talking and praying. She is very independent (see the photo below, it sums her up perfectly) and gets very upset when things don't go "just her way". Terrible twos have certainly not been bad, they've just been a phase where she is learning to assert her independence some. She is learning her colors, her numbers (in the photo below she is "showing" you how old she is; that's how she shows "two") and loves to see me write her name, Josh's name and our names. She has recently taken to calling me "Mom" and Kevin "Dad". WHERE did she hear that and why does she sound SO grown up when she says it???

Thank you, God, for letting us share her life. Thank you to the birthmom out there who had the courage to give her life and made the heart-breaking decision to give her a better life. Thank you seems like such little words for such a huge blessing.

Two years ... she hasn't quite got the fingers down pat just yet, but she's TERRIBLY cute trying!


Jeanne said...

Happy, Happy 2 years as your daughter and sister!

Lori said...

Two years. Unbelievable. So thankful for her place in this world!!!!