Sunday, August 15, 2010

Youth Group

Josh began his first day with the Youth Group today. He had little to report about it, but was able to tell me what he learned in class -- so that's a bonus!! He has great teachers; I went to school with one of them when I went to PVCS. I know they will be good teachers for him this year.

It makes me sad, though.

As much as I complained about him and the other sixth graders I taught, they had something special about them that set them apart. They were loud and social and talkative and somewhat disrespectful in that they couldn't stop socializing long enough to listen. But, ironically, if you asked them a question about what you taught, they knew the answers. I LOVED that group of exhausting kids. And while I was glad to "pass them on" -- today I missed them so much.

Honestly, I don't know if I want to continue teaching SS class. I think my "calling" if you will was to that class. Now, mind you, I don't dislike any of the kids I'm teaching now -- and I know a lot of them from their parents and seeing them at church. But I'm not sure if my passion is still there. I'm going to give it a few weeks and see.

Tonight, Josh (and Kevin) went on their first youth group outing: to the Sounds baseball game. I know Josh was probably glad to have one of us there. Kevin promised not to sit with him or talk to him, but just knowing someone "has his back" in this new endeavor has to be comforting. I think it might be a comfort to the other kiddos who just moved up too.

Ellie and I are hanging at home tonight with no plans. We'll see how our night goes. Likely some popcorn chicken, fries, Barney, Dora, tea parties, coloring and dollhouses will be involved.

Time moves too quickly.

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