Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Football Pool Party

Josh's football coach always has lots of fun activities for the kids to do during the season (I suspect it's to foster a team spirit/attitude, but the kids just see it as fun). Saturday afternoon, he and his wife had a pool party for them. Ellie LOVES the pool and was the center of attention, being the youngest one there. The boys loved to let her jump to them and catch her and she just giggled away and jumped out and did it again. Josh loved having guys to rough house with! I only
snapped a few pictures while I was there, but they are sweet.
Ellie loved jumping to Mickey. I think he was her favorite.
"Aunt" Maggie took her in the pool too.

Josh and Scott
"Center of attention" Ellie.

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Lori said...

As it should be, right? Princesses always have a huge flock of followers!