Thursday, August 26, 2010

And You Thought YOU Were Having a Bad Day

I was driving home from working today when I did a double take at the store just down from our house. Our friends own the store and its where we go all the time to get stuff when it's late or we don't want to drive to a store. It's where we buy gas and pizza.

I saw the police car (lights flashing) before I got to the store. I honestly thought they might have been broken into or something. Then I saw the yellow caution tape. Then, as I was driving by I did a double take. What in the world????

I turned around and went back and was glad (again) that I always have a camera of some kind in my car. It's not every day you see this.

You thought YOUR day was bad? Imagine going home and telling your husband/wife/parents -- INSURANCE COMPANY -- that you drove through a plate glass window at the gas station.

At least the gas pump hose wasn't still attached, Lori!! *smile* I think they have trumped you.

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