Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ellie cracks us up sometimes with the words she comes up with. Recently her new word has been "pubble" as in, "Bubba is in pubble." This, of course, is translated to, "Bubba is in trouble." Ellie often gets in "pubble" too, but she only uses the word to describe when Josh gets in pubble.

The other day, they were playing so well upstairs that I should have known to check in on them. They both got in "pubble" when Ellie came downstairs and I saw her. I asked, "Who did this?" to which Ellie immediately said, "BUBBA!" Now Bubba says Ellie helped. Ellie, at first, said she did, but when she heard they were going to be in "pubble" she quickly decided she, in fact, did not help and it was all Bubba.

Sadly, these were not the washable type markers but an artist kit kind and they did not come off without a lot of scrubbing.

This is what "pubble" looks like -- pretty darn cute even with the markers!!

After their, um, artistic endeavors, they found the recent Toys R Us sale flier and Ellie was quick to point out the Dora backpack she wants to take to "school" -- a phrase always followed by a pause and the words, "at church".


Kelli said...

My cousin got in pubble when he used similar markers...on my face. Josh and Ellie make cute partners in crime!

Mayme said...

Adorable! My girl loves her kitchen, thanks so much for the help.