Saturday, August 7, 2010

Josh's "First" Day of School

Technically, I'm not calling Friday the "first" day of school because it was only 3 hours long and consisted of not a lot of anything other than getting up early and fighting traffic in the car-rider line.

However, I wanted to make sure I mortified Josh by taking a picture to commemorate the day. We will have the "official-in-the-right-location" first day of school photo on Monday morning. I'm sure he will be just as pleased about that one as he was this one.

Seventh grade already? It seems wrong somehow -- like we skipped a large section of years somewhere and went from 2nd grade straight to 7th? I feel like the time we have left with him is so short and there is so much more I want to do/say/teach/share. It feels overwhelming somehow.

Not only is he going to 7th grade, he "graduates" from our Sunday School class this Sunday and will official move into the "YOUTH" group at church. *sigh* Too much, too fast, too soon.

I know he's grown 3" in the past week. He seems to tower over me these days. His foot is the size of his dads. He's becoming a young man way faster than I want him to. Slow down!!

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