Saturday, August 7, 2010

God -- Still in the Miracle Business

I think sometimes we get SO busy with the seeming importance of our every day lives that we take for granted the miracles that happen in our midst all the time. I got to see two such miracles this week, and I think we are remiss if we don't give some serious glory to God when we witnss such miracles.

On Wednesday, I worked in Chattanooga for a man who had a pinched nerve. He needed a few cases done and my field manager asked if I would do them. It could be done in a (long) day, so I agreed to do it. I was really tired on the way home and was eight miles from my house when the interstate literally shut down. After sitting for an hour, the police managed to get traffic to a place where we could cut-through and turn around and return from where we came to find an alternate route home. I still wasn't quite sure what the accident was, but knew, based on the number of emergency vehicles responding, that is must be serious.

My alternate route took me over a bridge that was right over the accident. Lots of folks were parked on the bridge (this is the country after all) "rubber necking" at the accident. Being the good country girl that I am, I had to rubber neck too to see what had happened, er, what had held me up for an hour. Before I actually saw the accident scene, a woman who lived nearby told me that it was a jack knifed tractor trailer and that the driver made it out alive. Ok, so that was good news. THEN, I saw the accident scene and I IMMEDIATELY knew that God had literally SAVED this man's life. He came down in a hill in a semi, rounded a curve, lost control, managed to ENTIRELY miss the bridge pillar and go right between the bridge support and the guard rail, through the grass, dropping off/getting stuck/flipping his trailer under the bridge, and coming out the other side in THIS condition.

News reports indicate the driver was transported to the hospital in critical condition, but can you SEE the cab of the truck? I can't. I don't even know where it should be (other than in the front). Here is the trailer stuck under the bridge I'm standing on.

He was carrying some type of seed/grain that was all over the interstate. It took road crews five hours to clean up the mess.

Out of all the people around him and on the other side of the road (where the debris from the wreck flew all over), only one truck had damage/injuries in this wreck. Two people in this vehicle were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Just to reiterate, the tractor/trailer driver was alive after this:


(and yes, not only was a rubber-necker, I got my camera out and took pictures! Anyone surprised?)

The other story is one of a friend of mine (through consignment) whose husband works at the local utilities company. While working Thursday, he was electrocuted and fell from a ladder. Fortunately, co-workers started CPR immediately and an ambulance "happened" to be driving by at that time and was flagged down. He was revived twice by them and taken immediately to a local hospital where he was placed in the ICU burn unit. He was RELEASED from the hospital today with NO injuries. Miracle? Absolutely -- absolutely.

Thank you God. Next time you are in a bad place, just remember, God IS still in the miracle business. We just have to look for them, ask for them and believe in Him.

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