Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun Times -- Road Trips and Bedtime

Today we took a little road trip. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be a trip to a birthday party, but mama didn't pay attention to the invite very well and showed up a week early for the party -- only to find there was no one home. Poor Ellie was devastated and I almost cried on the spot because it wasn't just down the road, it was TWO HOURS away in Kentucky. We had found substitutes for our Sunday School class, arranged for someone to let the dog out, got the car cleaned out, loaded up, had the present and everything. The only thing missing for us was the party. How embarrassing, honestly. Try explaining to a two-year-old who wanted to see her friends and have a party why we drove this far and there is no party. Fun times. We actually did make the best of it and got a lot of laughs out of it.

Then tonight, at bedtime, I asked Josh if he would read to Ellie since I was trying to get the last few things cleaned up in her room/closet. They were SO sweet that I had to take a picture of them. When Josh was little, one of his favorite books was "How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnite?" It's now one of Ellie's favorites too. I also found a Dinosaur board book called "How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten" and she likes it a lot too. Tonight they checked them both out.

Ellie really likes Chicka Chicka Boom Boom too.

I told Josh on our road trip today that he needs to wear green more often. His shirt REALLY brought out the green in his eyes today.

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Lori said...

Oh, that is something I would SOOOOO do!

Several years ago, my niece was visiting me. I had to take her to the airport the day I was supposed to go to a pot-luck get-together the day before the teachers had to go to work. So, I dressed for the party, took Kayla 2 hours away to Raleigh for the airport, then drove the two hours back. On the way back, I checked my voicemails (which I NEVER do) and there were several wondering where I was. Apparently, the party had been the day BEFORE and I was SUPPOSED to be back at work that day!!!!!!!!

I was mortified. In defense, we had literally just gotten back from another trip to Savannah (6 hours) so my niece could visit with my mom (she was undergoing chemo then and was really in rough shape), so I was a bit frazzled, but seriously--who shows up (totally dressed for a party) back-to-school at the END of the day?

Yes, the same person who drives away from the pump with the hose still attached.