Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pizza Pizza = Tired Tired

Whew! I remember thinking when Carla brought up the idea of a pizza sale as a fundraiser that I was concerned about getting them all delivered on the night they came. Now I know why. Boy, tonight was some serious work.

The pizza delivery truck came about 5:40. I was very sad to see that it did not have Little Caesar's on the side of the truck, but I took a photo anyway. *surprise!*

The boys, Josh, Bryce and Chris, were really excited about helping unload the truck. Carla had everything printed out and organized so each type of kit got put in the correct place, a thank you note was taped onto the box and we began to "fill" orders. Two hours and 205 items later, the last car left the lot to head for deliveries.

I am so thankful to all those who sold and who came to help distribute (we could have NEVER done this alone and without Carla's expertise).

I got home at 9:00 and we had a Family Meal Kit (less the cookies) for dinner. I did add some additional toppings to our kits, but here is the finished product.

Kevin has now gone to his office to put more pizza kits and cookie dough in the refrigerator there. We have pizzas in our refrigerator, freezer, on ice in coolers and stashed at my mothers and the church. They are EVERYWHERE! This is in addition to all the folks who picked their orders up tonight and are delivering them. We are thankful, though, that this brings us one step closer.

I truly hope everyone enjoys their Pizza-Pizza as much as we did.

An added blessing tonight was that a call to our agency to ask some paperwork questions yielded more information on where we are on "the list". Apparently, our agency is expecting three referrals in the next little while so we could feasibly be #2 on the list in the next week.

We are in a mad dash to try to figure out where the last bit of funds will come from, figure out what we will do about missing school for Joshua if our referral comes early and we have to travel before school is out, and how we will "get it all together". Oh well, God will take care of the details if we will just listen for His voice in the crazy, exciting madness of it all. We're getting REALLY close now.

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Jennifer said...

Amazing!! I wish I lived nearby. I think I could eat pizza every day! Congratulations on a great success. ~ Jennifer