Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baseball and Sleep

What a title, huh? Josh had another baseball game last night against Coopertown. What an intense game it was! It was back and forth and we thought we had it wrapped up with a one run lead with a mere three minutes to go, but the referees decided there was time to play another inning and the opposition scored three runs. We lost by two runs as we just couldn't come back in the last inning. Oh well.... Josh had a great night with grounder to third and made it on base his first time up to bat, the second time up he hit a pop up and got out; the third time he hit an awesome grounder right past the short into the outfield bringing home two runs and making it onto first. He scored 2 of our 7 runs and played some fairly good defense as well. He is doing very well this year at baseball! Oh, and for those interested, we lost 9-7.

Bundled up against the cold and still not feeling so well, Ellie and Kevin both share the same expression ...
Notice Josh just appears to be jogging toward home. Apparently, the ball was hit pretty far out for him to be so non-chalant about scoring.

Ellie slept last night from 9:30 -5:30. I was in the bed shortly after her at 10:00 and got up with her from 5:30 - 6:15 when I passed her off to Kevin who got her ready and took Josh to school and dropped Ellie at Dee'Anna's. I'm embarrassed to report that I slept until 10:00 -- well, I shouldn't be embarassed, I suppose, I'm exhausted. I have felt better today and hope that she is feeling well enough to sleep through tonight as well. She was very tired this evening as she only napped an hour today and played hard with Kirstin, Braiden, Emily and Josh this afternoon.

Thanks to all who sent kind words of encouragement about her ear infections, tubes, sleep and general care. It means a lot to know you aren't alone!!

Here are some photos from last night's game and of our BARGAIN today at Dunkin' Donuts where we all enjoyed $.50 iced coffees (I got them for the kids, but they weren't very impressed and didn't drink very much of theirs) and 2 for 1 donuts! We came home and "doctored up" our iced coffees as I don't think they were quite what any of us were expecting. I think the lady working the counter was a) new, b) overwhelmed with the volume, c) tired d) all of the above, as she handed us our coffees and said, "Would you mind stirring them up yourselves?" Um... ok. Ellie, however, was particularly fond of her donut hole.

Josh was "punished" yesterday and told he had to clean his room. Because Braiden was either a) feeling sorry for him, b) a glutton for punishment, or c) conned, he offered to help him clean his room. I left them for a while and then went upstairs to see how they were coming. I found this:

I almost had a heart attack. I took a photo and went back downstairs. When he said he was "finished", he called me back and I found this:

Better -- especially for a boy's room I guess. Note Emily (Braiden's sister) is supervising!! While there is still some room for improvement (and decluttering!! but I've given him some autonomy over the contents of his room), I've given him a reprieve until tomorrow when he is to take everything out of the closet floor and clean it along with dusting all his furniture. I wonder if he'll try to con Braiden into coming over to help with that. *sigh* *smile* I love that silly boy -- even when he drives me nuts!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love that picture of Ellie and her daddy sharing the same expression. And I think I would of had a heart attack if I had seen Josh's room that first time, too! But, I totally can remember rearranging everything when I was supposed to be cleaning my room as a kid.

Melissa said...

We must have been shopping at the same Dunkin' Donuts because mine needed help as well! LOL