Sunday, April 19, 2009

FREE Toilet Paper (UPDATED)

Ok, now there is a post title I never thought I'd write, but I have. My life is complete, ya' know?

Apparently, according to my coupon queen source, Kelly, there is a $.50 coupon in the SmartSource coupons in the Sunday paper for $.50 off Angel Soft toilet paper. Kroger has this toilet paper on sale for $.99 this week (four roll I'm guessing) and since Kroger doubles coupons, it would be FREE!!! I'm off to find my Angel Soft coupons (2) and get me some FREE TP this week!!
UPDATE: According to Coupon Queen Kelly (my coupon mentor), there was NOT an Angel Soft coupon in our coupon books this week (in our area), so I will NOT be getting free TP this week. *sigh*

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