Monday, April 27, 2009

Josh's Fishing Tournament

Each year, one of the local churches holds a fishing tournament called "Get Kids Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs". For a small $2 entry fee, kids go out wherever they want, fish, bring in their catch, have it weighed and it's entered into a competition. Each kid gets a goody bag, a prize and is entered into a drawing for some really incredible door prizes. Josh won a rod last year. He was fishing this year with the rod and reel that Dee Dee bought him.

Josh fished last year with DeeDee. This year DeeDee had to work part of the day so Kevin and Josh went fishing. I had great plans to go "yard sale-ing" all day with Ellie as it was the community wide yard sale day. We did go to one community (where we finally met Melissa, Bryan, Camden and Rory -- whose blog we read all the time!! -- and where we got to visit with our friend Ms. Betty) and then to another area (where we got Ellie some cool baby sized Crocs and WHITE and pink Gymboree jeans -- can you say 70s??), but she because increasingly ticked off at getting in and out of her car seat. She has begun to HATE her car seat, screaming, thrashing and contorting her body into various crazy positions while you try to put her in. OY. So, after all that, I decided to go check on Josh and Kevin, who indicated by phone they were about to quit.

When I got there, DeeDee had called and was on his way to fish as well so we all stayed a while longer. We all caught a fish (except Ellie), but they were all pretty small catfish. We kept two, but when we got back to the church and Josh saw some of the sizes of the fish being brought in, he decided to not even weigh his. *smile* He still got a goody bag and a prize (a Frisbee this year), but we didn't win any of the fabulous door prizes. Maybe next year!!

We had a good time though and it was a great opportunity for pix and family time!!

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Rachel said...

I LOVE that first pic of Josh (and the caption)! I would frame it!