Sunday, April 19, 2009

Josh's First "Official" Baseball Game

Saturday night was Josh's first regular season baseball game. Their team won 13-2. Josh did well, stopping several kids from scoring from his place on third base. He also stole a base (2nd to 3rd) and just barely missed getting out -- but he made it!! He scored, that I remember, twice. He hit once and was walked twice. He's still holding on for that "out of the park" hit. I wish he could just relax and enjoy the game more. Josh was really excited his grandparents came to the game, and I know he was very excited when DeeDee gave him $10 for playing a good game. *smile*

Kevin worked concessions (we have to twice a season) last night for me and Josh and Ellie and I watched the game afterwards. Poor Ellie, it turns out, has another double ear infection -- wait, I should say I think she still has the same ear infection we just finished antibiotics for -- and was feeling not so great and was a bit cranky because of it. She is such a good baby though. Even when she doesn't feel well, she's still pretty happy. She enjoyed playing with the other kids. I wish I had gotten a photo of four of them in her wagon!

Here are some cute, cute, cute pix of Josh and Ellie, followed by Josh during the game. Go Mets!!

A quick shout-out to Andrea over at With Sugar on Top, who made Ellie's shirt (and gave us a hairbow too!) which got rave reviews at the park. THANK YOU!!

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