Friday, April 3, 2009

Help for My Friends ...

I recently got an email from my friend, Kim, whose daughter, Alisha, has felt the call to go to Kyrgyzstan, where her brother, Andrew, was adopted from, to work with the people there.

Here is part of her email to me:

Anyways I wanted to email you about some great news. The one thing I hoped for my two girls is that they would share a passion for orphans, and for the people of Kyrgyzstan. Well my oldest is already sharing that passion. After that Saturday with the Wrights, Schoolers, and the Johnstons, my daughter Alisha has decided she would like to go to Kyrgyzstan on a mission trip. The two of us started talking about it the day after we met everyone, and I guess we decided to take a leap of faith and make it happen. About a month ago I got in contact with all the missionaries, and the best time for my daughter to go there is in May, so it is working out for her to work with the Schoolers. The other thing we have been concerned with is her traveling. Right now it looks like she will be able to travel with a group of college kids from a church in IL. I'm working on the last of those details but things seem to be coming together. When she is there she will mainly be working in the Tokmok orphanage.

Well, the other detail of her trip is raising money. I could use your help a little on this if you wouldn't mind helping. I want to not just raise enough money for her to travel, but also for her to be able to help all the orphanages that she will be going to. I know you have contacts that have a heart for these orphans, and if you could maybe spread the word around it would greatly help. We have a blog set up that explains everything about her passion, her vision, her journey, and also how people can donate money to help. All the money will be going through our church, so receipts for tax purposes can be mailed. If you have to much going on to be able to help, trust me I understand, but any help you can give will be deeply appreciated by the orphans.

Here is her blog:

Imagine how her life will be changed by this trip this summer. I wish when I was her age that I had felt mature enough in my life or in my relationship with God to hear His call and have both the faith and courage to travel across the world to help others. I was WAY too wrapped up in my own self to think about missionary work.

PLEASE consider if you could help in any way. Visit Alisha's blog and read about her journey and her plans and her outright EXCITEMENT about this opportunity. Her costs truly are minimal. Any amount will be helpful to her. And, for those who can't help financially, would you pray that God will bless her financially, provide her means to travel, safety during her trip and, most of all, the ability to share Jesus' love with others.

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