Friday, April 24, 2009

Ellie's First Girl's Night Out

For years, my girlfriends and I try to go out the third Friday night of the month. Sometimes it's the second or the fourth Friday night; sometimes it's Sunday afternoon, but we try to do it once a month. Tonight was Ellie's first time to go to Girl's Night Out (more commonly referred to by us as GNO). I remember spending many Friday nights updating "the girls" on our adoption progress and us talking about when she came home how she'd come to GNO. The fact that it's a reality now, is nothing short of amazing.

Dawn came over beforehand and we painted Ellie's toenails. I don't think I have a picture of it, but if you want to know how it went, imagine trying to put paint on a nail head while someone waved it around in front of your face. Overall, I suppose it went ok. She was in her highchair and couldn't really see what I was doing; she just didn't want her foot held still. I got a tip from my friend Carlyona that she paints her daughter's toenails while they sleep - yay! I'll try that next.

After getting "blinged" up (Ms. Dee'Anna had "done" her hair earlier in the day), she was ready to go out on the town. Fast movers and shakers that we are, we headed to the local Mexican restaurant to eat dinner - haha!!
She was properly passed around all night long (interpretation: she was so wiggly it took all five of us to handle her) and had a great time.
Dawn's family followed us (ha!) so Emily got to spend some time holding Ellie too.
Afterwards, we went back to Jennifer's for dessert where she had lots of fun looking out the window at Casey, the dog.

I thought it was ironic that six months after returning home, she was out at GNO with Jennifer taking pictures of her all over again (since I forgot my camera).

All in all, I think she was sufficiently impressed with GNO and it exhausted her!


Elizabeth and Bill said...

Aidai had her toes painted over the weekend for the first time! I bet you had it a little harder than we did. I don't think I would have attempted that feat on a one year old. I didn't even attempt it with Aidai, Bill did! =) Her hair is sooooo cute!

Ivy Lee said...

I miss a couple of days of blogstalking and I almost missed this post. I'm glad I caught up because Ellie is getting cuter by the minute (if that is possible).

multimom said...

Oh, my love the hair! So cute! I can't believe how long it has gotten since you brought her home (when you look at the pictures of GNO and then 6 mo. anniversary, wow!). Give her a huge from us!


multimom said...

Oops! I meant to say "huge hug" and came up with my typo! Oh, well, Ellie's still cute, so she gets two hugs now!