Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

What a beautiful day we had in Tennessee after the horrible storms of "Good" Friday and the tornados that passed through Middle Tennessee. While it was still a bit cool, it was a clear day, filled with family, church and good fun.

The Easter Bunny stopped off at our house overnight, but, for some reason didn't leave ME a basket -- what's up with that??? Josh and Ellie, however, seemed to get some cool things!

I was glad I had ironed all our clothes on Saturday night because as I was waking up this morning I heard a large "BOOM" and our power went out A transformer blew up. The only thing we really needed electricity for was my curling iron. Fortunately, they got it on right before we left; however, as is normal for us, we were late leaving so the traditional Easter photos turned out to be a little less than desired. We "rotated" taking the pictures since we didn't have anyone to take one of all of us -- maybe I can photoshop us together, huh? None of them turned out very good because we were in such a hurry ...

After a wonderful worship service, we met Kevin's mom and my parents at Logan's for Easter lunch. I am just so tired as of late that the idea of cooking was daunting and when the moms suggested we go out to eat, it sounded like a wonderful idea. To be honest, I didn't miss the traditional meal at all. We had a great meal at Logan's and Josh was excited to get some gifts from MeeMee and DeeDee: a bubble blowing wand that was ginormous, two kites, a gift card to Barnes and Noble and some cash. Ellie got goodies too, including some cash, a bunny and a Peter Cottontale book that plays music. Nana's gift to us was to get lunch for us. Everyone had a good time, I think!
We came back home and had Josh's annual egg hunt. He did good this year and found them all. We let Ellie pick up some eggs around her and she was happy!

Josh and Kevin spent the afternoon working on his dirtbike. And, of course, Josh has been enjoying his "goodies".

The blessing of having Ellie home this year was not lost on me today as I thought back to last year when we were anxiously awaiting news of a referral.

Happy Easter everyone!


Kelli said...

Oh Maria, if you could have seen me bawling at church today...thinking about the uncertainity I felt last year. Looks like you had a great Easter!

Shannon said...

Sounds like a busy, busy Easter! Your pictures are stunning as usual - what a beautiful family! :)

Jeanne said...

The photos are lovely--the matching outfits are great! It is nostalgic for me to see the redbud tree in the back of one of them.

Little Miss was certainly styling in her adorable outfits!

Anonymous said...

Logan's for lunch?! I'll have to make you some deviled eggs to make up for it!

Julie said...

Where'd ya get the bright colored whiffleballs?

Love the matching outfits!!

Maria said...

Hey Julie -- I got the wiffle balls at Deals. I think they were $1 or $2 for 4. Ellie loves them too!