Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have been less than prolific in my blog lately, huh? There has been so much ... drama ... going on that I've not really had time to read email/blogs/facebook or anything.

Kevin and I had come to the decision that as much as we loved Ellie's Mother's Day Out and her Wednesday time with Ms. Luanne, that it was time to look for a full-time daycare so I could get my work done (on time) and he could make sure to be at work more instead of trying to work from home so often.

I sought referrals, prayed a lot, called local daycares and individuals, talked to friends and visited one daycare a couple of times. While I wasn't blown away by it, I'm not really ever blown away by daycares. Kevin and I talked about this particular one and decided that it was our best option. The night before she was supposed to start, I tossed and turned a lot prior to going to bed, trying to figure "another way", asking God to show me another way. I assumed it was because I just didn't want her to go to daycare. Interestingly enough, I had not minded her going to MDO, so maybe that should have been a clue to me.

On Wednesday, I packed all her stuff and took her over to the daycare. On the way there I called my friend Susan and told her she need to tell me all the reasons this was a good idea. When I got there and got out of the car, I had this overwhelming desire to call Kevin and tell him I couldn't do it. I stopped and talked myself out of it, telling myself I was just being dramatic.

When we went in, the director was not there, the assistant director (apparently) wasn't there. The girl who finally came up front was apparently a teacher, but she didn't introduce herself, so I don't know. She didn't know that we were supposed to start that day, either. She took us to the room that would be Ellie's. I had visited there twice before, but both times had been during nap time when the lights were down and the kids were napping. Oh.My. The room smelled like dirty diaper; the kids were running wild (must have been "free play time"), one kid clocked another one up side the head with a toy, one was climbing on the tables. The teacher was less than professional in both appearance and in how she conducted herself. The room was a disaster. Ellie clung to me and wouldn't go to anyone or get down to play. My mind was racing about how I was going to get out of there and not leave her and not stir up a controversy. I finally told them we were just visiting for a little bit today and our official start wasn't until tomorrow and left as fast as I could.

I did manage to find another daycare (truly my first choice, but also the more expensive choice) that I took Ellie to visit. Later in the day, Kevin and Josh, Ellie and I went back for them to visit it. Josh said, "Man, I wish they'd had a daycare like this when I was little." *smile*

When Ellie and I walked in, there was a double door that has a computer required code to get in the second door. The walls were freshly painted and clean. We were greeted by the assistant director who talked on and on to Ellie and to whom Ellie wanted to go to. We were toured through the entire facility. They have security cameras in every room. The toys were clean and in place with kids able to get to them and play with them without getting hurt tripping over them. There were two caregivers, both in professional looking attire and who were very respectful. The kids were all playing well together (well, except for the ones the caregivers were sitting in the floor holding). There were large comfy chairs in the room for rocking little ones. There was a "cozy corner" where the little ones can go and lay or play. There is a bucket where toys that need sterilizing at the end of every day go. It was like a dream daycare.

Ellie started there today. We were told she had a fantastic first day. Kevin said she was playing when he showed up to pick her up and when she noticed him, she came crawling straight over to him with her big smile.

We are very pleased to have found this place and that there was an opening. It's such a blessing to know that I don't have to worry about Ellie while I work. It's good to know that she is being well cared for, well fed and having stimulating activies goinjg on

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some new pix. For now, I'm toast and going to sleep.


Jeanne said...

So glad you got the right daycare for Ellie! I think it's worth it to pay for top quality child care.

LaLa said...

Oh, so happy you found somewhere else...I don't know if I could have helped saying "HECK NO...I am not leaving my daughter here" LOL

Stay safe in the tornados today!!