Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly ...

What a day, what a day!!

Our air has been out since Friday. Kevin tried everything he knew to "fix" it, but it kept freezing over. It's only about 18 months old, so this morning we called our friends over at Haskins Heating and Cooling and they were able to get us worked in today.

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when the guy who came out said that he thought something had gotten in our crawl space, made a nest in our duct work, torn the duct work up in one area and was likely still living there. And, oh, by the way, it could be our cat. HA! (Wonder if it's the same cat that I spent hours looking for on Sunday? Oh, no, wait, he came back home -- crazy Duke).
I called Kevin and let him talk to the technician who said we had to replace a 5' section of the duct work and that WE would HAVE to get the "critter" out before they would come back. Oh, yeah. Kevin came home; I called Shane to pick the kids up (because I certainly was NOT going to miss this opportunity for photos!!), and went down to the crawl space to take some pix. I had great plans that I was probably going to win a million dollars for my prize winning photo of some mad, rabid animal jumping out of our duct work directly at my camera while I snapped away getting mouth foam all over my lens. Here are some examples of what I had in mind:

I was so disappointed for Kevin to report that there were no nests, no animals and likely what the technician had seen were our kitties' footprints, and that some cat (maybe ours, maybe not) had been laying on the insulation and maybe they had scratched at it, torn the duct work and it sort of imploded back in and blocked the duct work. Nevertheless, there were no photos of wild animals, Kevin was not attacked and I got nothing. (Please, please, please understand that this is all offered in a joking manner!!) Kevin made it back to work in time to do his safety presentation (isn't that ironic? wonder if it was on how to safely remove wild animals from job sites??) -- but it was rescheduled. Another yay.

After the air conditioning was fixed, Josh had a ballgame to be at by 5:30. It was across town and I specifically asked Josh at 4:04 to go get his uniform on. This was all he had to do, mind you. I changed Ellie, cooked for and fed Ellie, charged my camera battery, got the camera together, paid the electric bill, and he still wasn't ready. When I went upstairs ... he was watching TV!!! He is grounded from TV, but regardless, he wasn't ready. I swear I thought my head was going to explode or implode one. We finally left the house at 5:00 and guess what? The gas tank was empty. HA!

We arrived at the ballpark late, but ahead of some others, so I suppose it wasn't too bad. Kevin met us there to pick up Ellie to take her to the g'parent's house while he went to a mandatory sports meeting. He took Ellie and the diaper bag (important -- remember this) and left. My head was still spinning from my frustration with Josh earlier so I just said goodbye and they left. Surprise, surprise -- they returned quite a while later when, upon trying to call me on my cell phone, Kevin heard it ringing in the diaper bag. Not such a big deal to find my phone in there -- I certainly could have lived without it. What I couldn't live without is what he found looking for the phone -- my car keys. So, some phone calls were made to people we knew were attending begging for help, calls to my parents to tell them E. wasn't coming and that was over.

The ballgame was ok,with Josh's team winning, but there was a lot of horseplay and mouthiness going on in the dugout with all the boys and the coach got upset with all of them. Now, I'm not all their parents so I don't care about their behavior. I care about Josh's and he was full force involved in it too. We spent a long time on the way home talking about why he was named Joshua -- after Joshua in the Bible because I felt like he would be a leader like Joshua. I told him that I was disappointed that he was choosing to be a follower and that those were the folks who usually got in trouble. We talked about how he was representing God, his family, his team, his park and himself when he went to another park (or anywhere for that matter) and how important it was to try to be a light to people who know that he is a Christian but see him acting like he was. Now, here I am, the pot calling the kettle black because Lord knows I'm lacking a whole lot in that role model department as of late, but I certainly don't want Josh to follow my example all the time. I want to see him beginning to make his own good choices.

As soon as we got in the car, Ellie began to wail (tired? hungry? wet? carseat? -- yes, all of the above). I didn't think we'd make it home because she wasn't slowing up, so we stopped at Bur*ger K*ing and ordered some (really healthy - not) food. I ordered her a chicken nugget meal with apple fries. What I got in her bag (after waiting -- no kidding 20 minutes) was a bag of french fries. Yay -- again. I had to go in and he said, "So, would you just like some apple fries?" Umm, no, I'd like the apple fries and chicken nuggets I paid for. But, I didn't say that, I just explained he left both things out. He ended up giving us extra nuggets, so that was nice.

It's been a long day and I'm tired and have one more job to enter and I'm headed to bed!

Cute pix from tonight's game (assuming there are any) to follow tomorrow.


Lori said...

Wow. I'm tired just reading about your day. I LOVED the pictures of the anticipated rabid animals, though. Very funny!

Your sec. word is in "I'm glad your air conditioner is fixed so your house is *culer*!"

Hilary Marquis said...

Sounds like a tornado around there! I'm glad all the AC is fixed (rabid animals not included ;) And I love the way you talked to Josh...I'll have to tuck that little lecture away for later use! Ellie's pigtails are precious.

Written By Mary said...

We did have baby squirrels living in our car. One day on the way home from church our car started smoking...There was a nest made in the car engine. We have pictures of the squirrels. They chewed some of the wiring in the car. It was a total surprised when my sister went to lift up the hood and out popped 3 babies. Hard to believe they actually lived there for that long. If I find the picture I'll send it to you. Love the pictures Maria.