Saturday, April 4, 2009

Owen Farm Easter Egg Hunt

We had so much fun today at our friend's farm -- Owen Farm over in Chapmansboro. They hosted a FREE Easter Egg Hunt and Fun Day for the kids (and adults too!).

Josh and Ellie got to pet the farm animals, have an Easter Egg hunt and go on a hayride. There were baby chicks and ducks that the kids could hold and pet (I feel certain those poor chickies didn't make it through the day), an Easter Bunny and jump houses. Ellie was quite a bit hesitant about the animals and the Easter Bunny. You'll see her clinging to Kevin and Josh in the photos of EB and her.

We had such a good time and we will forever remember this as Ellie's first Easter egg hunt. Josh was, again, a great big brother and hunted eggs for her.

Kevin and Josh reported that right before we left our house this morning, she took two steps on her own in the drive. We could not get her to replicate it when I returned, so ... I am certain it will be here soon.

Poor baby, she's been feeling "off" the last few days: not napping, eating less, very fussy and cranky. Last night while she was up from 2 am - 4 am, crying inconsolably, I told Kevin, "She's going to the doctor tomorrow!" This morning I took her and she has two ear infections AND is cutting an eye tooth. Poor baby. She has some medicines now, so we are hopeful she'll sleep well tonight and catch up on her rest.

Here are the photos from our day:

I wanted to pet these little babies so much, but mama was very protective and when they started to come over, she ushered them back to the back of the fenced area. Aren't they cute?
This little calf reminded me of one I had when I was a little bit. I named it Booger (ugh!! right?), and it would come up to our back patio doors to get fed everyday. I remember having a bottle that we fed it and I thought that was so cool!
Ellie is trying hard to see the bunny rabbit.
Check out the duck ... he was just quacking up a storm.
Ellie wasn't quite sure about the duck either.
Here comes Peter Cottontail ....
Notice the grip Ellie has on Kevin's shirt!!
Josh has filled up Ellie's bucket for her.
Ellie investigates these "egg" things everyone is talking about.

I liked this picture of Ellie and I. They are rare, so I cherish them when I find one that is sweet.
Check out how gentle Josh is holding the chicken.
Ellie checks out the baby chicken.
This morning before we left -- trying to get her to walk again, but no luck.
Our newest friend, Elaina, was there with her mom and sister, Emily and we all rode the hayride together. Check out this CUTEY PIE hat ...

Big Sister Emily who is just TOO cute!!!

Ellie looking at her goodies in her basket.

My favorite -- my babies with the Easter Bunny!


Jackie said...

Great shots (as always ;), Maria! The one of you and Ellie is very nice!! You look great!

Hope Ellie feels better soon.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Sorry we missed it, it looks like it was a lot of fun! That is a great shot of you an Ellie, definitely a framer :)

Shannon said...

Wonderful pictures - looks like a great day! The picture of you and Ellie is beautiful! I have only a handful of myself with E, too. I'm always behind the camera! :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the one of you and Ellie sitting together! Frame it or I will do it!