Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm very tired from getting very little sleep lately, but wanted to update the blog quickly before heading to bed. These are some highlights from the last few days:

  • Ellie went to the doctor again today. Her ear infections are still present. She got a shot and another antibiotic to take for 7 days. Next Friday we return and if it's still bad, we go to an ENT for tubes. Poor thing is having lots of sleeping issues still and got up last night five times during the night.
  • Josh's baseball team continues to do well and won tonight and on Monday night.
  • Mee Mee and Dee Dee bought Ellie a new carseat and she is now facing forward. She thinks she is "some stuff" and crains her head over constantly to watch what Josh is doing. Pictures coming soon of her in her new "ride". And, in all fairness, they paid the same amount toward Josh's 4-H camp tuition!! Thank goodness!! He's excited.
  • Josh and Kevin went on a field trip with school this week.
  • I have lots of "happy/weird" photos from work to share -- maybe this weekend.
  • Ellie celebrated her 13 month birthday yesterday. She's growing up too quickly. We are concerned about her speech because with her hearing issues right now, she's pretty much stopped talking in words we can remotely understand.
  • We had Ellie's one year pix made. As you'll remember, Mee Mee was busy with prom during this time and couldn't do them until later. We went to JC*Penn*y and had some made of her and some of her and Josh. As soon as I get the pix, I'll post some. They are good, but I'm just a picky freak (wonder why?) and so I wasn't just "all that" about them. Don't get me wrong, my babies were beautiful!!
  • We are having Ellie's baby dedication at church on Mother's Day -- what a beautiful day to do it, huh? Ironically, it was also the day we joined our current church, my mother's birthday and only a few days shy of when we got Ellie's referral. I think it's very cool!!
  • Oh, and that repaired air conditioning?? -- went out again the next day again. Repairman tells me there was dirt on the coil that should have been cleaned after the repair -- then hands me a $59 bill. HA! Kevin called and talked to our friend, the owner and he said that we didn't have to pay that. Thank goodness!!

I'm off to try to sleep. I do NOT do well without sleep. We feel like the walking dead. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, I'm just stating facts. :-) We are tired and sleepy around here. Kevin asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I said simply, "Sleep, peace and quiet" -- sounds heavenly to me.


Becky said...

Oh no! PLEASE turn Ellie back rear facing! She's such a little peanut, and a convertible car seat will keep her rear facing. The AAP recommends children remain rear facing until the rear facing weight limits of their car seat, or 2yrs /30lbs. Things have changed.. children age 1-3 are 80% less likely to be injured in a car crash if they are rear facing as the spine does not fuse to the skull until 3-6yrs of age. Even a minor crash can cause serious damage.

I know forward facing seems like such a milestone, but its not anymore.

Here are a few links

Rear facing 12mo old crash test

Forward facing 12mo old crash test

My boys rear faced to 19mos and almost 3yrs old. Convertible car seats will easily rear face most children to age 2, some higher harness car seats will harness children rear facin to age 3! If your parents purchased a forward facing nly seat.... you can return it for a convertible.

I fyou want more info, please sent me an email and I will help any way I can! She's such a beautiful little peanut.... please read the info above.

Shannon said...

So sorry to hear about Ellie's ears - poor little baby! Hopefully this round of antibiotic will take care of it, she can feel better and you can all get some sleep! :) I have to agree with Becky about the car seat - E was about 2 1/2 before we finally faced him front because he was so small.

Hilary Marquis said...

I feel your pain and Ellie's on the ears! There is no sleep for anyone when those ears hurt. I wish I could give you tips for helping with the pain but...motrin? I've never heard of the carseat being rear facing for so long. I have a pretty conservative pediatrician and as long as my kiddos were heavy enough he had me turn them. Then again, my kids had long legs too and I would be concerned about their legs being injured in a crash if they were rear facing. Things sure do change fast! My youngest isn't even 3 yet and I feel out of the loop! Haha!

Lindsey Carney said...

Hudson is being dedicated on Mother's Day too :)

Jackie said...

Hoping Ellie feels better very SOON. And hopefully you can catch up on much needed sleep.

I haven't had to worry about changing my carseat yet b/c Noli is still under 20lbs. But I also just heard the same report about trying to keep them rear facing as long as possible. I am going to turn her forward on her 2nd birthday (end of May). This gives us a few more weeks to fatten her up :)

Take care of yourself :)

Julie said...

Don't turn her backwards again!! (Oh wait, you didn't ask for opinions did ya!!) But she will not be happy backwards.

Anyways, I hope Ellie can get tubes quickly. You are smart to realize her ear infections affect her hearing which in turn affects her speech. Like I've mentioned before,tear tubes is the single best thing we ever did for our son (at age 10 months).