Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ummm.... what happened?

Ok, so I have a counter on the blog and I normally run between 100-140 hits a day -- big doopity deal; I don't write for the hits. While we were in Kyrg picking up Ellie, obviously, we got a lot of hits, but since then, a pretty regular readership (although WHY anyone wants to read about our lives is BEYOND ME!!!). Then, today, I have 320 hits so far???? Huh?

If you are a first time blog visitor, leave a comment. I'm trying to figure out what just happened to cause me to get three times the visitors as normal.

Regardless, thanks for visiting -- stop back by whenever you want. I'm certain my life is right up there with those folks on The Young and the Restless -- except mine would be more like The Old and the Exhausted with a subtitle of Man, You Make My Life Look Good! *smile* Have a great evening.


multimom said...


Not sure why your counter jumped up so much yesterday, but I do know why I read your blog. It feels like sitting down with a friend and chatting over a cup of coffee about how life is going, what the kids are doing, work, husband, pets, etc. The love and warmth you exude just jumps off of the page! I really have to get myself more "high-tech" and organized and set up my own blog, so I can share the events of my life with those who share theirs with me (not that my life is terribly fascinating or anything, but, what the heck!). Also, I've been wanting to say, I love the photo you have at the top of your blog right now, the one with Josh in his uniform holding Ellie on his shoulders. Love it! Those smiles are just precious!


Jeanne said...

It would be interesting to see if it continues. However, I did notice that you used to separate brand names with a *, and you have posted some full names lately. Maybe this puts you up on search engines?

Lori said...

I came back a couple of different times to the different coupon sites you posted...but I'd come back a couple of times anyway because you crack me up!

kjstet said...

You do not know me but Anita is a friend we have in common. I've followed your story to your beautiful daughter Ellie. I have a son from China. Please do not be upset that I have not commented till now. I have enjoyed the pictures of your sweet children. I love to follow journey's to see people get there beloved children. So thank you for allowing me to see what a beauty you have in Ellie.