Monday, January 19, 2009

Bath Time

Ellie has grown to LOVE her bath time. It is a special time for her and daddy as he is usually "Mr. Bath Giver". I took some video of her, but decided it was "too revealing" for the blog. After all, "The Princess" is nothing if she's not modest. Let me tell you what, some of them were hilarious, though!! Instead, here are a few cuties of her from tonight's bath. You can even see her two "toothies" in the top one.

One of our friend's, Callie, came over today and wanted to play with Ellie. Callie is in Kindergarten and she did an excellent job of playing with and entertaining Ellie. I actually managed to get the dishes done while they played "doll house". It was so sweet. Here are a few photos of the "girls" playing together. Check out the drool in the first photo. I think there might be more teeth in her future.

And, the last picture? Well, I just liked it. *smile*


Hilary Marquis said...

She may not let me hold her...but she is going to have to tolerate me kissing on those fluffy cheeks!

Becky said...

My 6yr old was sitting next to me when I opened your blog, and he quickly yanked the laptop off my... uh.. lap.. and declared Ellie the cutest baby he's ever seen. :) I have to agree, she's pretty cute!

Corinne said...

I just love the picture where hubby is washing her hair.She just looks like she is really enjoying it! Such a cutie!

Jackie said...

I love all the pictures. Look how her hair is really is filling in so nicely. She is just so cute, Maria!!