Friday, January 23, 2009

WHAT a Day . . .

I woke up with a bloodshot left eye. I assumed it was pinkeye, but who had time to deal with that when I knew we had our post placement visit today at 3:30 and we had some serious cleaning to do. Kevin took a vacation day today to help with all the things we had to get done around the house, and we set in early at 8:00 a.m. when he returned from taking the kids to school.

Finally at 2:00, I left with the hopes of stopping by my doctor's office to get some drops for my eye, which had gotten no better. I looked like I'd been on a three day drunk -- with no alcohol to show for it. Just my luck, there was no one, sans the receptionist in on Friday afternoon. So, back to the car and call the optometrist's office at Wal-mart to see if they can diagnose and treat pinkeye. Yes! they say, and my luck, they have an opening at 5:00. I'm thinking that if the SW is there at 3:30 and takes an hour I'll have plenty of time to get there by 5:00. Ha!

While I was gone, our SW called and had gotten tied up with some work and wouldn't be here until between 4 and 4:30. Ok.... well, I'm thinking I can still make it as long as I leave by 15 til 5. Lisa (our SW) shows up; I tell her my dilemma and say that Kevin, Josh and Ellie will be home and I'll answer whatever questions she has and then will need to go on. So, she walks in, sits at the kitchen table; we talk for, oh 15 minutes and she leaves. NOW.... while I am perfectly FINE with that --- we cleaned house ALL DAY LONG. There are no animal hairs, no dust particles, no "funk" on the floors; the bathrooms are clean, the dishes are all clean; the laundry is all done; the office is cleaned; the couch has been steam cleaned; the rugs have all been washed; I have hung pictures and put up my Upper Living decorations in the upstairs hall; Josh cleaned his room; we washed all our bedding and made all the beds; it was all GOOD and not even seen. *sigh* The bonus here is that the house is clean -- for a little while. And, we'll be gone much of the day tomorrow and Sunday, so MAYBE it will stay clean for a little while.

The good news is that Lisa didn't notice (unlike our dear friend Iris, who did) that our plug covers were in upside down! haha! It's been so long since we've had plug covers we didn't even have the sense to put them in right side up. Scroll down and you'll see the pictures of them in -- upside down.

The other great news is that Lisa brought Ellie a Bethany bear and a LOVELY blanket that a sweet woman makes for all the children who come home. Ours was really cool -- red, white and black with a dog print -- PERFECT!!! I'll post photos soon.

I'm SO excited. Allison and family are here to visit this weekend. We are having a "mini-Kyrgyz" reunion with Kat and Andrea and their kids. I'll post pix as soon as I can. We are off for breakfast in the morning at the Cracker Barrel and I just can't wait to spend the day with all of them!!!

Oh, and my eye? Turns out to be a bacterial infection -- pink eye, nonetheless, but much less likely to be spread and passed along to others. And, so I'm forced to wear my glasses (for goodness sakes) for the next 7-10 days. I'm MORTIFIED that we are having get-together time and I'm going to have to wear my glasses!!! Now, if they were cool and up-to-date, it'd be one thing, but these glasses are likely 8-9 years old. Oh well.... I suspect everyone will be looking at Ellie and not me anyway!! *smile*


Betsy said...

Girl I feel your pain on cleaning the house and the social worker not seeing 95% of your home. That happened to us too! Why in the world do I go to such lengths as WIPING OUT THE SILVERWARE DRAWER ORGANIZER when all she does is sit on our couch???

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I promise to ignore the glasses :) I read about everyone cleaning house for their post-placement visits and wonder if we are the only ones who go to our agency for post placement visits. They never come to our house. I guess we are lucky because we don't have to worry about upside down plug covers :)

Hilary Marquis said...

We had the same experience for our first post placement report. I clean the kitchen, living room, bathroom & girls' room now and call it good enough!

Lori said...

Man, do I feel your pain on the glasses! I wear mine ONLY when in bed or a MUST because of something wrong with my eyes...and I HATE HATE HATE THEM. Even though they are up to date, they just are NOT me...and as I have the face size of a 10 year old, the only ones that fit me usually have Hannah Montana on the side of them. But, least they sparkle! :)