Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nashville Kyrgyz Get Together - Come One, Come All!!

Allison and I wanted to get our girls together now that we've been home a few months and she is coming to Nashville the weekend of Jan. 23-25. Since there are a couple of other Nashville families who have adopted from Kyrgyzstan, we thought we just might have a "get-together" here for anyone who wants to come.

We will likely (not firm yet) go to the Adventure Science Center on Saturday for the kiddos to play. There will most definitely be eating involved somewhere and who knows what other fun stuff we might decide to do. Much will be dependent on the weather as we have a great zoo so if it's warm enough we might go there as well.

If you are interested, email me, or leave a comment. We'd love to have lots of Kyrgyz kiddos and siblings to play with!!


Johnda said...

I would love to come...I think we are 5 hours away from Nashville.
My hubby and I are going to talk about it and see if our work schedules and our boys basketball schedules..I would just love to meet some of the Kyrgy baby girls :) And my blog buddies

Jackie said...

Oh, how I would love to attend. I can't wait to hear all about it...and see some great pictures, too.


Mala said...

You'll have to post pictures!

I still think we need to plan a BIG KG reunion at Disney!!!!!