Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Last night, Ms. Ellie slept from 9-2:30 (took a quick 12 minute respite for a bottle) and then slept until 7:00. We feel like new people at our house. Granted, we were still late for church -- how is that?? We hope desperately that this sleeping trend will continue.

She went to the nursery at church today by herself. It's the same room the her MDO is in so we felt it might be familiar enough to leave her. Josh went back to check on her once (sweet boy) and I went back once. We were told by several people as we went back to get her that she did very well. She even took a nap with Ms. Brittany, who remembered that I told her Ellie likes to go to sleep hearing hymns so she sang to her and she fell out. That's another funny. When I got ready to try to sing to her at night, I realized no songs were "coming" to my mind. That's funny because I know the words to almost every song I've ever heard (it's freaky tidbit for you). Finally, I remembered hymns. We now go to sleep with, "I'll Fly Away", "The Old Rugged Cross", "Trust and Obey", "Great is thy Faithfulness" and "Jesus Loves Me". Usually by the time I've run through all the verses I know she's out. Little stinker.

And, lest I forget, I hope to be able to post basketball photos from Josh's game yesterday sometime today.

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