Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Basketball Game

I will not say that I am sad that basketball is over. While it is great exercise, losing week after week isn't a lot of fun for parents or kids. So, with no surprise, we lost today's first tournament game. My pictures didn't turn out very good either because I didn't get the camera set right and poor Ellie only wanted mama. Hopefully my mom got some good ones.

So... here are the few of my handsome basketball playing son! We have a month's break (yay) and then baseball starts.

This is Ellie before the game -- note the somber look; this should have been our clue that she was not in a good mood.

Oh, and I failed to mention in my last post that when we took Josh to the doctor for his ears: he had a double ear infection. Poor kid. He then insisted he play in the basketball scrimmage on Friday night and then followed that up by spending the night with a friend. Not a lot keeps this boy down!!

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Susan said...

I do believe she looks like Josh when she puts on her "somber" face!!