Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ellie's first party

The birthday boy, Caleb
Ellie was invited to her friend Caleb's first birthday party on Saturday. We had a great time visit at their home and celebrating this wonderful event with Caleb. Ellie got to play with Caleb and Addy. Addy was born a month before Ellie and Caleb, of course, was born three months before Ellie. The three of them are going to be a force to be reckoned with in a few years!!

Caleb, Addy and Ellie. Notice Addy and Ellie are just totally ignoring poor Caleb.

They are busy playing with his toys.

Caleb's mom and dad made him a lovely train cake (that I think they said took four hours to put together -- go Danny and Michelle!!), and Caleb seemed to really enjoy his cake!! He got really cool presents and had a great time. Ellie had a great time going to her first party!! Here are a few cute photos.

The cool train cake.
The only picture we could get of the birthday boy and Ellie.

Notice that neither of them are interested in looking at the camera.

Addison -- does she not have beautiful blue eyes???
Harrison volunteered to blow out the candle, but he gave Caleb a birthday kiss first.

Isn't that so sweet??

Caleb eats cake.

Caleb and his mom open the presents

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