Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Pat Pat Mama"

We've played a sweet little game with Ellie since she first came home. We'll look at pictures of people and take her hand and go, "Pat Pat Brother" and pat his picture. Sometimes, if the person is there, we'll "pat pat" them in person. She loves to pat, pat herself in the mirror: "Pat Pat Baby".

Tonight as I was feeding her dinner, imagine my SURPRISE when she said, "Paa Paa Mama" and reached out and patted my hand!!! I asked Josh if he heard it and he said no, he wasn't listening. I called Kevin in and she did it again, "Paa Paa Mama". My heart is mush!!!!

Of course, on the other hand, she was such a grumpy ole' bear at Joshua's basketball tournament that she wouldn't have anything to do with her grandparents. I suspect it was a combination of sleepy and teething but she wasn't the smiling happy, go to anyone baby she normally is and only wanted to sit with me or Kevin and would occasionally lean her head over on Mee Mee's shoulder. Now, after a nap -- all better.

And ... I think my computer had a nervous breakdown. I can't get it to turn on. I'm letting it "rest" right now and will try it again later. *sigh*

Pat Pat Mama -- how wonderfully sweet!!

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