Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mother's Day Out

For those of you who were following along and wondering how Ellie's first Mother's Day Out experience was -- well, it wasn't. We had a really bad sleeping night the night before so I decided to stay home (it was raining cats and dogs) and nap with her during her early morning nap. We got up about 9:30 and spent a couple of hours getting ready, eating and so on. Then we went to the church and signed up. I was so pleased to know that her teachers on Tuesday and her teachers on Thursday both go to our church and are women I know. I know they will know "her story" and will feel comfortable calling me if anything happens or if she gets too upset. Turns out the director and my son are friends, so it was a small world. Ellie stayed in her room for a little bit while I did paperwork and she played and had a good time. I am hopeful things will go well for her Thursday on her first "full" day -- or at least however long she will stay. The "day" is from 9-2. I suspect I will spend a lot more time worrying about her than she will thinking about me.

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