Friday, January 2, 2009

Go UK Wildcats

In honor of my Wildcats loving husband (and all those other crazy UK fans out there), tonight's bowl game enticed us to dress up Ellie in her UK Cheerleader uniform. To boot, Josh was already wearing his UK Basketball shirt. However, he was less accommodating about making photos than Ellie, so there are fewer of him.
Ellie just looks so rosy cheeked and healthy here. Pink apparently is a good color on her!

Oh, and by the way, the Wildcats won (3rd straight) 25-19 over East Carolina.

Josh's reaction to the other team. *smile*


Betsy said...

Soo cute!! Love the little bloomers that match.

Bryan is interviewing for residency at UK next week!

Johnda said...


Where in TN do you live?
We live in Eastern Ky...
Where Ohio, Kentucky and
West Virginia meet on the Ohio River...
my email btw is

Allison said...

Go CATS!! Great minds must think alike...HD was dressed in her identical UK outfit tonight too. They have two be the two cutest future UK cheerleaders ever!