Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Like Christmas All Over Again

Ellie is growing, at a pretty average pace, I suppose. She was gaining about a pound a month in the orphanage, and she's been home about 2.5 months now and has gained 3 1/4 pounds since she's been home, up to 15 lbs, 8 oz at the last doctor's visit. So... she has finally progressed from her 0-3 month clothes that we brought her home in, to a very snug 3-6 month clothing size. Since some of the Carter's 6 months clothes were fitting her, I told Kevin I thought it was time to head to the attic to bring down the storage tub of 6-9 month clothes.


It was like Christmas all over again at our house!

I was like a kid in a candy store, because, realize I haven't seen most of these clothes in 4-5 months since I boxed them up and stored them in the attic before Ellie came home. I've pulled out the things that I think will fit her now (17 outfits - yes, I know) and left the 6-9 and 6-12 month sizes for later. Let me just say I'm really excited about the 6-12 month stuff that's in there.

So tomorrow I'm going to go through her clothes and remove all the 0-3 month clothes and the 3-6 month clothes that are too short or too tight. I'll keep the "special" outfits that I just want to keep and the others I'll wash and store in a storage tub until the appropriate consignment sale time rolls around. Thank goodness I won't be doing jail time now due to selling used infant clothing on the black market. *smirk* (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Stay tuned for Ellie to be sporting some new duds (well, you know, new to us but gently used to the consignment store folks I bought them from) in the next few weeks.

Oh, and the best find in the box??? The Valentine shirts and jeans I bought last year after Valentine's Day. The shirts and jeans were a mere $.49 each -- 90% off. YAY!! I got excited all over again just remembering the bargain I got!! I had just been looking at Targ*t's Valentine's clothing last week and thought I wasn't going to pay retail for a Valentine's outfit. Looks like I was right.

Since Josh got new clothes at Christmas, I just have to get his blue jeans taken to the cleaners for alterations and both kids will be in business for, well . . . at least a little while. I'm so very glad that I bought the clothes I did at the discounts I got them for while I was waiting. It's so much better than having to be under the gun now and buying them full price. Not to mention that shopping with a baby is just a little more difficult than I really want to tackle.


The Stahnke's said...

I did the same thing for Andrew, but I forgot about an entire box that I had for him. Thank goodness when we were getting the Christmas stuff out that is stored in the basement, my husband saw this box that was labeled 18months - 2T. It was like Christmas for us to, because suddenly you have a bunch of clothes that fit them and your not spending a dime of money right now. I bought a ton of stuff all the way up to 5T off season, and garage sales.

Julie W said...

Just don't do what I seem to do again and again--put clothes away that are too big and then forget about them til the kid is too big!!

Hilary Marquis said...

I think we need to see a photo shoot of the princess modeling her new wardrobe :) I'm so glad that I can still shop consignment and such as well, I was starting to sweat it!