Friday, January 9, 2009


Seems like life must be boring around our house the last few days, but if that's the case why am I so tired? *smile*

Thursday was Ellie's first day of MDO. She had a great day and I was told she even took a 40 minute nap. Since she had had an hour and a half nap before we went, I'm thinking that's pretty good. I felt very good when her caregiver, Ms. Amanda, made a comment that she'd read on the blog that she was clapping her hands! How wonderful that someone who knows "her story" is able to provide care for her while I am working a few hours a week!! It provided a huge level of comfort for me knowing that she is at our church with people who know and love her.

A funny story I want to capture so I can remember in years to come. In the backseat where her carseat is, we have a mirror so I can see her (she is still rear facing) and she can see herself. Everytime I put her in the car, she sits forward, looks into the mirror, gets a huge grin on her face and says, "HI!!" to the little girl in the mirror. It is so funny; it's like she thinks it's her friend who is there waiting for her. And it's not sometimes she does it, it's every single time. Funny!!!

When Kevin got home tonight at six, I was so incredibly tired that I fell asleep on the couch and didn't awaken until 11:00. It's now 11:30 and I'm going back to bed.

Josh reports a good week at school. He has a basketball game tomorrow, and I'm hopeful to get photos to post of him.

Ellie and I will be attending our friend, Caleb's, first birthday party during the morning/early afternoon, and we are very excited to be going to Ellie's first party, especially since Caleb was my "practice baby" while I was waiting for Ellie. How can he be one???

Kevin is going to work on the disaster room we call an "office" and see if he can make progress there. We have our first post-placement visit scheduled for January 20 and I'm a little freaked about getting all the things "ready" that need to be. Since Ellie has started to crawl like a banshee, it's time to start baby-proofing things. I don't want to have to say, "No" to her all the time. However, she has been very good about understanding (and obeying even) "No" lately. It's mainly been from chasing the cat or trying to play with the computer cords. I'm going to have to work on a solution to hide them, apparently (the cords, not the cats -- the cats can hide themselves!!).

As another sign of our wonderful economy, Kevin's company has reported there will be no raises or bonuses during the first quarter. Of course, that's when Kevin's would be due. As I reminded him, let's be thankful you have a job. There are so many who don't. We aren't sure if/when raises will be reinstated. He works for a great company though and has gotten raises every year, so we have been blessed.

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