Friday, January 23, 2009

Sleep ...Remedy

Curious George is Ellie's FAVORITE toy. We've mentioned that before. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw the above ad for my newest best item in the house: Calms Forte for Kids. You've read about our sleep issues with Ellie. She fights sleep and all things related to it with all she has. Nighttime is the worst for her. Then, I remembered I had a tube of Calms Forte for Kids in her dresser. I remembered it the night I wrote the post about all the trouble we were having with sleep.

I thought it was worth trying it. What did we have to lose? We already loved the Hyland's Teething Tablets and there are several other Hyland's homeopathic products we use, so I slipped a couple of tablets under her tongue at bedtime. The change was incredible. She just relaxed in my arms, didn't fight and arch her back and went to sleep. She slept well -- waking only for her bottle at 5 hours after her last one -- and woke up happy. No screaming in the night, no waking up because she lost her pacifier. Luxury -- sleep!!!

Here's some information about the product, and I'll testify that it's all true!! Thank you Hylands for giving me some sleep and for allowing Ellie to calm down enough to sleep.

Hyland's Calms Forté 4 Kids™
Watching your restless child toss like a tiny boat in rough seas, you’d give anything to bring on the calm. These sleepless nights are heartbreaking as much as they are exhausting – for both of you. But even the youngest human body has the ability to re-establish balance and health – including rejuvenating sleep patterns. The trick to achieving this balance lies in your ability to provide safe relief that targets the causes that keep kids up at night. Hyland’s created Calms Forté 4 Kids™ for just this reason.

This medicine is designed to safely and effectively counteract mental and physical restlessness in children. Studies show that 69% of our children under 10 years of age are prone to some kind of sleep problem. This doesn’t mean that your child needs to suffer. Calms Forté 4 Kids™ addresses the causes that inhibit a child from sleeping well. Your child won’t wake up groggy like he or she might, when given over-the-counter drugs containing diphenhydramine (such as Benadryl®). This is significant for school-age children who need to be alert first thing in the morning.


Betsy said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so happy for you! I hope this continues to work for Ellie. Have a wonderful weekend will all of those Kyrgyz buddies!

Rachel said...

Sleep is such a wonderful glad you found this!