Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thankful for my "bloggy" friends!

While I am thankful for all my friends, it has been quite a "linking" kind of weekend. Here's how I've connected with my bloggy friends this weekend.

1. On Saturday night, in a major panic, I called my friend (who was a friend before blogs came along, but even more so now that we can follow each other's lives via blogs), Mayme, because I couldn't remember what I should put on Ellie's "boo-tay" when she had this "came up super quick really red place that might be diaper rash but made her scream loudly without stopping and trying to climb my shoulder pain" spot. Mayme is a nurse (one of her many jobs, huh, Mayme??) and she is also a mom to a wee little Asian princess. She was able to remind me of that old standby - DESITIN (ha!!). We are now rotating Desitin and Nystatin because I think she has another yeast infection brought on by ultra strong antibiotics. This is likely the cause of the many poopy diapers we had about mid-day today. Yay.

2. On Sunday after church, I finally, finally, finally got to meet the infamous Reed, who has been home from Taiwan f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Let me tell you folks, he is just as cute in person as he is on his blog!!

3. I got to talk to my friend, Elizabeth, whose mom just had shoulder surgery from a fall she had while we were in Kyrgyzstan. E. will always be one of my best friends; we've been through so much together!! She also just got a cool picture of Aidai from when she was several years younger and it is so cute!! I know she's really excited to get it -- click over and see it.

4. And while she is not a bloggy friend, I got new pix of M. and P's daughter, A. who came home a week after Ellie and who are some of my dearest, dearest friends. She and I shared so much during the adoption process, and P. was in country while we were, and I LOVE getting pictures of her little one!!

5. And last, but certainly not least, Mala, who has obviously let her (medium) brown hair color, now turned blonde, eat her brain cells and has nominated me as QUEEN OF ALL THINGS!!! (well, I knew this, but was trying my hardest to be humble - haha!). So prepare to read my response in the next post.

I have not been the best blogger or blogger reader/friend lately. I've been busy trying to carve out niches to get sleep or things done -- all of which never seemed to happen!! I'm hopeful this week will bring a wee bit of respite from all things "adult-like" (aka responsibilities). :-)


Becky said...

Those little tushies sure take a hit from antibiotics, don't they?

If the creams don't seem to be working, pick up some Acidophilus. Its a probiotic, and get the caplets you can break open, and give Ellie the powder of one a couple times a day. This will flush the bad bacteria out of her body and replace it with good, therefore getting rid of the yeast.

Poor thing. :( My oldest had a yeast rash one time and it was awful. The acidophilus cleared it up in a day. I also took it while breastfeeding to prevent thrush, another form of yeast.

Mala said...

Oh I wish I could blame it on blonde hair, but alas, I'm still rocking the mystery mislabeled-box-o-clarol BLACK! 24 washes?! HA!!! They lie again!