Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Not a topic you'd think you would read about on my blog.

I didn't have a book on tape to listen to today (which I love to do while I'm in the car), so I spent a long time listening to a Focus on the Family series on abortion, partial birth abortion and the bill to prohibit it.

They had a speaker on, Gianna Jensen, who has cerebral palsy developed from being a victim of an attempted saline abortion -- who survived. One article I read says she lives here in Nashville. She is 30 now and talks about meeting her birthmother and the hate that the woman still has for her -- the disrespect for her life. This article describes her story very poignantly.

There was another lady, Jill Klopfenstein, who has adopted 11 children, most of whom are special needs children. One child was born after a partial birth abortion and was put in an isolette wrapped in a blanket with a note, "No Life Sustaining Measures, Comfort Only". WHAT???? He was given no oxygen or food or anything for SEVEN DAYS!!!! Finally, the doctor who delivered him came in and said, "Well, since he's not going to die, I guess we need to find a family for him." Dr. Dobson said, fittingly, "Why has the wrath of God not descended on our nation?" I cried listening to this story. I cannot imagine ANYONE being as cold and callous as this. I was so moved that God shared these stories with me today.

You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of these series by clicking the links.

I don't understand a world where Senators make comments like, "A baby is not a baby until the mother takes it home." Huh?? I don't understand a world where doctors who take oathes to save lives make comments like the one above. I don't understand why . . . at all. I know we live in a world of sin, and as I shared with another mother today, living outside of God's plan causes pain. Sex outside of marriage causes unwanted babies and decisions to abort. I can't understand a world where mothers LONG for babies, whose hearts aches and whose tears flow from want and where others toss away a baby's life as if it were a used Kleenex. I don't understand when baby's lives lost their basic rights -- the same "rights" claimed by women who choose to have abortions. I don't understand why adoptions cost SO MUCH when a child can be aborted for a few hundred dollars. I don't understand why I have to be fingerprinted, approved by local police departments, provide financial statements, get medical exams, be innoculated against all matter of foreign diseases, have social workers telling me how I should think and act and just BE, provide marriage and birth certificates, get government approval, agency approval, country approval -- approval, approval, approval -- but a baby's life can be terminated with no one's approval.

I'm ready for Jesus' return to take me to heaven -- anyone else with me?

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