Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nursing Home Visit

Tonight we went over to take some candy bags to Grandmother to hand out to her friends for Halloween. As they usually do, they had candy for the residents to give out to trick or treaters, so Josh got his first candy there. They filled his basket up. Some of the residents had been dressed up for the night -- cute, cute!!! Here are some of the photos of the evening.

This lady was the funniest. They gave her the candy to give out and she hid it under her pillow and was eating it herself -- my kind of woman!!

This is my dear friend Kay who loves reading so much. She is the one we are collecting books for at church. I told her that since we both had wings on we must be angels and she said, "Well, I know I'm not!" Love Ms. Kay!!

Here is Josh with Grandmother.

And me with Grandmother -- Joshua did a great job of taking the photo.

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