Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ramblings from the Day

Day two in South Carolina. I suppose I found my "groove" that was missing yesterday, but ended up doing fewer inspections than yesterday. The work is too spread out now as I did all the "good" work on the last trip. Tomorrow is my last day of "spread out" work and I'll move to Bennettsville, SC (where is that???) to start some good, concentrated areas and hopefully I can get a larger number of jobs done per day.

If you are reading and have a moment to say a prayer for me personally, please ask God to allow me to feel better for the next few days. I don't know if I've gotten "environmental asthma" again or bronchitis or maybe even pneumonia again, but I'm wheezing, feel like my chest is really tight. I'm really tired, sweating when it's cold and have no energy.

On to better things, though. I didn't have a book on tape to listen to today (which I love to do while I'm in the car), so I spent a lot of time listening to talk radio on the Christian station here. I made a note of a great comment that I heard today about what we as Christians have become. The speaker was talking about how surprised he was that we could know the life of Jesus and know the person He was and not want to "DO" something with our own lives. He was talking about a quote he had read somewhere that we were like the "bland leading the bland". It really struck a cord with me about how we are supposed to be the salt of the earth, the people who give life the "kick", and yet we are the "bland". I have another post entitled, Abortion, that also talks about some of the radio shows I listened to today. It's more grim, so it's best for another post.

I met a dog today, Misty. Misty is a Labrador who is still a puppy. She belonged, ironically, to the agent whose work I am inspecting. She and I had a great time playing. The agent has an above ground pool and when his wife opened the gate for Misty, she ran and JUMPED IN the pool and swam around gathering her "toys" up. I asked the lady if she doesn't rip the liner and she said, "No, she uses the steps to get out." Hmmmm . . . here is Misty, in the pool.

And, Misty after the pool while we were playing "horseshoes". Know that I keep antibacterial wipes in my car for use after such occassions.

I received an email from a friend today asking for prayers for her friend in California's son. He is three years old with a malignant brain tumor. He had surgery today at 3:00 our time. Doctors said if they were able to get it he would possibly not be able to ever walk or talk. I have prayed about this asking God for a miracle. I know He is still in that business. If you have a moment, could you pray for this family and this child? I will update when I hear something.

Speaking of that, praises are due to Him for His intercession for David Diviney who I mentioned as being injured at football practice last night. I called first thing this morning to see how he was. He was released at 2:00 a.m. this morning with no problems!!! Thank you Lord for this blessing and this answered prayer. I know his family is so relieved.

I just got an email from my mom. As many of you know, my grandmother is in the nursing home. While mama was visiting today, one of the ladies that I'm fond of there, Dot, (she's in her 50s maybe??) asked mama to sit with her that she was lonely, scared and depressed. Here's what my mom wrote:
Maria, pray for Dot at nursing home.
She called me over to her chair today and ask me to sit with her
that she was depressed and lonely and afraid.
She said the doctor told her she has six months at most to live.
Six arteries are closed off. She is on oxygen.
I told her as soon as I felt better I would come over
and stay longer with her and mama.
She said she was so lonely.
I will pray for Dot. I know it must be frightening to hear those words. When I return home, I will go visit her. Mama also wrote:

Kay said she was out of books. I asked Tracy if she had any.
When I get able I will go to Goodwill and see if I can find some.
I wish I was rich I would put a library in the nursing homes
and pay people to go visit with them.
Kristine said she has been missing me because her son
doesn't come anymore and she has no one else.

Kay is another of the ladies I really like. She lived in the apartments with my grandmother before they both came to the nursing home. She had the sweetest cat, Baby, that ran away right before she came to the nursing home. Ms. Kay LOVES to read. I try to take her some books every month. At first, I gave her the ones I had already read. Then I ran out. Then I went to the Goodwill to get some, but she's already read those too. I think I'll ask Brother David, at church, if he'll put a notice in the bulletin to collect some books and I'll gather and take them to her. She's a voracious reader -- it's all she does.

Joshua and Kevin went yesterday and got Josh's Halloween costume. He is going to be DARTH VADER. Why??? He told me he wanted to be the black Spiderman. When they got to Party City, he changed his mind. He also wanted the $40 helmet. I explained to him that that was too much money to pay for something he would wear once. If anyone HAS a Darth Vader helmet we can borrow feel free to email or call me!!

And then, there's the final story of the hotels. I got up this morning and saw the statement for my hotel room that had been slid under the door. IMAGINE my surprise when I realized that those only come the day you are checking out. I had planned to stay at the first hotel until tomorrow and then, when I moved to Bennettsville, SC, I had another reservation. HA!!! I had made this reservation to check out Tuesday. Thinking myself quite smart, I logged on and tried to make an online reservation -- FULL. What???? So I packed up all my stuff and made a reservation at another Holiday Inn Express farther south. It was actually closer to my work anyway, so no problem. I get here at 8:30 EST tonight and check in. I schlepp all my stuff up to the room and insert the key. All the lights light up but the door won't open. It is at this point that I hear the TV in the room and think, "Hmmmm, maybe I have the wrong room." I check the room number and yes, room 312. I try again and the green and red lights light up and the door opens??? I poke my head in the room and note that the TV is going but the air isn't. The room looks ok at first. Then I see a room key on the table and some papers lying there. I immediately leave and go downstairs and tell them I think they gave me someone else's room. "This is impossible" they say. I tell them this stuff and they decide, it must have just been left there from housekeeping not doing their job. WHAT??? And, they send me back. I roll all my stuff back up and go back in -- red and green lights still come on when I insert the card. I go back in and find change on the TV stand and cigars on the table. Likely they were there the first time, but I didn't see them. I'm freaked out at the point and go back downstairs and say, "I'm sorry you are just going to have to move me. I'm too freaked out to stay in that room." I did get upgraded to a suite, but, in all honesty, all I wanted was a bed and a shower, so it doesn't matter to me. This all comes on the heals of last night when I returned to my room to find all the pillows piled up in the middle of the bed with no pillow covers. Of course, everyone blames it on housekeeping. Oh well, I'm earning quadruple points during these stays so my last trip's hotel stays will be ALL FREE -- more money for the adoption -- YEAH!!

This is a lovely fall display I saw today. Is the tree wonderful?

OH... and I forgot about ZIPPLE and SLIPPLE. They are the goats I met at one of the last homes I inspected today. What, might you ask, is important about them? They are loved by a little girl, age 7, at whose home they live. In case you are wondering, yes, she did name them herself. She came out with her mother and was full of questions about why I was there. She walked around with me while I inspected their "farm" filled with dogs, roosters, chickens, goats, cats, turkeys and guineas. When I was done, she said, "Aren't you going to take a picture of the goats?" I told her I didn't need pictures of them. She looked crestfallen so I asked, "Would you LIKE me to take their pictures?" to which she nodded enthusiastically. I took each of their photos and heard how they are both pregnant and expecting babies soon. Slipple was just purchased this past weekend at auction, which is why she still has a number glued to her forehead. The owner said they would take it off this weekend when they gave her her shots and wormed her. Yuck.

Here is Slipple:

And here is Zipple:

That's all for tonight -- enough, eh? The people here are really friendly, many asking me if I'd like a drink or need to use the bathroom (out in the country it's a luxury I sometimes have to take them up on). Many have heard our adoption story and have said they would pray for us. What a blessing it is to have a job where I can share the stories I get to share and hear with and from others.

I have another song to "break down" later on in the week -- another Rascal Flatts song, "Bless the Broken Road". Tune in later!!

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