Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My man -- my men

Lest I forget the reason I am able to come to South Carolina to work to help raise the money needed for our adoption, I want to share it -- my husband, Kevin.

I know that while I am gone, things are being taken care of. I know that every day, Joshua is fed, bathed, clothed, and he gets help with his homework (when he has it). I know that someone is there for hugs and prayer times. I know that he will be picked up, on time, from school every day and that someone will go in to talk to the teachers as needed.

I know that bills will be paid, pets will be cared for and the clothes will be wash (whoo hoo!!). I know that he will clean on the house while he tries to manage his workload as well.

I know that prayers are being said, each day, for me, by them.

I think he, and Joshua, have the harder end of the deal. After all, I get my bed made up everyday and the bathroom cleaned, too.

I know it's A LOT. I don't do nearly as well when he is out of town as he does when I'm out of town. He gracefully, without complaining, does what needs to be done to allow me to come here and do what I need to do.

And, not lost in that sacrificing role is Josh who is sacrificing his mom for three one-week periods. We all talked about it and agreed that we would each make these individual sacrifices for the end result. We are half way through the project work now.

Thank you Lord, for the wonderful, wonderful blessing of my "men".
Let me never forget how lucky I am to have them.
Remind me daily to not take them for granted.
Remind me, every day, to tell them just how much I love and appreciate them.
Let me be a blessing to them as well.
My little man is turning into a "real" man right before my eyes. In less than a month he will enter the world of double digits -- 10!! I love both my "men" so much!!! Thank you both!


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