Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Joelton Vikings Defeat Pleasant View in a CLOSE Match-Up

WOW!!! What a great game this past Saturday. The Joelton Vikings EEKED out a win at 36-33 against the Pleasant View Eagles in a game that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The Vikings scored first leading 8-0, followed by a TD by PV with a score of 8-6. I truly don't remember how the score went from there (I lose track after about 2 minutes!!), but in the third quarter, we were down TWO touchdowns and the team was pretty downhearted. They managed to keep their heads up and go back out there to score two more TDs to win the game!!

My football boy -- back in the uniform

Bailey Baker got hit pretty hard in the neck after the first half and it was very scary as he didn't get up for a long time. Fortunately, he was able to get back into the game by the fourth quarter. Jacob Catignani and Bryce Collier both had good running games, and QB Alec Harris did a great job, managed to keep his spirit up and played with heart during the entire game. Scott Nidiffer got hit pretty hard in the stomach during one play and had to stay out for a couple of plays to catch his breath. It was good to have David Diviney, unscathed from this injury this week, in the game, wearing #35 since they had to cut off his #53 jersey. Chad Wooden hit some kids so hard I'm surprised they got up. He sacked the QB during one play. Wood, Redding, Pfeffer and Haycroft played well on the offensive and defensive line.

"B" after coming off the field with an injury

WHEW!!! Down to the wire, nail biting stuff. I took WAY too many pictures of the game. I was saddened to hear the coach on the other side making inappropriate, LOUD, comments about the skills and abilities of some of our players. I know if I could hear him on the other side of the field, the kids were able to hear him as well. It just seems so inappropriate to act in such a poor manner at a kid's sporting event.

Joshua playing defense (#74)

Joshua went back in for quite a few plays, but he is still limping and favoring his ankle. Even now (Wednesday), we are still seeing some swelling toward the end of the day.

Final score - Eagles 33, Vikings 36

We have practice tomorrow night and Friday night with our first playoff game Saturday against Station Camp -- there, of course.

Final shot -- Are these boys HAPPY or what?!

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